Commercial irrigation plays an important role in business.  Properly functioning, irrigation systems protect the business landscape investment.  Regular watering is needed to keep plants alive.  Properly watered, grass, trees and shrubs will grow to reach their full landscape design potential.  Smartly engineered, commercial irrigation systems can save a business significant money in watering costs and eliminate the need for plant/tree/shrub replacement.  For over 40 years, Metro Lawn Care has been supporting the commercial irrigation needs of business and property owners in the greater DFW area. We’re proud to say we’ve helped thousands of business owners delight their customers and employees with attractive, affordable landscape designs that endure.

Commercial Irrigation Specialists

Commercial irrigation systems have unique needs.  Many are multi-station systems with smart features that can conserve water when designed, programmed and maintained correctly.  Our fully licensed and expertly trained irrigation specialists have the skills and knowledge needed to design and maintain multi-station, multi-feature commercial irritation stations.  We can:

  • build in drip lines to reduce water usage in beds
  • install dedicated drip lines to support new trees
  • create custom stations to administer different watering levels and intervals
  • set up customized watering schedules
  • install, manage and/or update smart watering software
  • update systems to support new landscape installations
  • recommend and install the best watering solution(s) for the business and landscape elements
  • fully train the property manager and/or employees who will manage the system, if applicable
  • provide enhanced low-water landscape design

Experienced Commercial Irrigation Repair for Diverse Systems

There are a variety of commercial irrigation systems on the market today.  Some are standardized systems, but many are custom designed systems and all are customized for the landscape they are watering.  Some businesses operate inherited systems, others are maintaining a system they purchased with a landscape installation.  Whether we installed it or not, our repair team has the experience and training to repair all commercial irrigation systems.  We can quickly and efficiently troubleshoot problems and make the needed repairs.  Ask us about our commercial landscape management program, which includes monthly irrigation checks to ensure your system is operating effectively and efficiently year round.

Whether you have an existing irrigation problem and need repair, are looking to save money with an updated system or are needing a new system to support new landscape, you can trust Metro Lawn Care to address your commercial irrigation repair needs.  Contact us today to get started.