Commercial landscape design promotes overall business success.  It supports consumer confidence and can enhance the overall customer experience.  Commercial landscape design is proven to boost employee morale and, in turn, employee productivity.  What’s more, commercial landscape design has been used to shore up exposure to business liability.  For over 40 years,  Metro Lawn Care, Inc. has been partnering with business owners to provide business-savvy commercial landscape designs that will truly make a difference in the company’s bottom line.

Business-Centric Landscape Design

Given our long tenure servicing businesses throughout the DFW metroplex, we’ve been called upon to address a wide range of commercial landscape design needs. Our design team offers creative, budget-friendly solutions to businesses in diverse industries.  Whether the goal is to bolster the overall customer or employee experience or to address a particular problem, we have the expertise necessary to meet the challenge.  Our services include:

Shading Solutions – Properly selected trees and shrubs can produce attractive, affordable shade for sun-exposed dining areas, employee rest areas, and heavily windowed offices.
Seasonal Color – Informed seasonal color plans will keep a commercial landscape looking fresh and inviting year round.
Budget Friendly Plantings – With proper irrigation and experience-backed plant selection, commercial landscapes can be beautifully maintained without breaking the budget.
Retaining Walls – Properly designed retaining walls will not only serve as an integral design element, but they will also eliminate erosion and prevent possible slipping hazards.
Fencing – Commercial fencing is used to address a wide array of business needs, including:

  • the adherence to local ordinances, such as trash screening, patron activity segmenting and customer foot traffic control
  • the safety of guests and employees
  • shielding patrons from an adjacent eyesore
  • limiting noise
  • creating ambiance
  • directing customer traffic flow

Flower Bed Edging – In addition to keeping grass out and plantings in, edging around planting areas can greatly enhance the look of a landscape.
Stone and Rock Work – Our skilled masonry team can design and install attractive walkways, fences, and retaining walls and incorporate stone accents into planting beds.
Insect Control – Incorporating features like the MistAway system into the landscape design in order to control mosquitos and other insects allow the business owner to keep employees and customers safe and comfortable.
Customized Commercial Landscape Maintenance – Once we’ve installed your landscape design, you can count on us for the routine maintenance needed to keep your design thriving for years to come.

If you’re looking to capitalize on professional commercial landscape design for your business, contact us today to learn more.