Month: November 2018

4 Things to Know About Pruning Trees and Shrubs

An important part of managing your commercial property should be paying attention to the maintenance of the trees around your building. Here are some things you should know about pruning your trees, starting with why it’s necessary.

4 Things to Know About Pruning Trees and Shrubs

Reduce Liabilities

Trees that aren’t being maintained are going to have dead branches. These branches are at risk of falling and causing damage to customers, passersby, employees, or parked cars. They can also fall on the sidewalk and block people’s paths or cause them to trip. Some trees may become dead themselves and topple over entirely, causing even greater damage.

Improve Your Appeal

Properly maintaining your trees goes a long way towards improving the appeal and appearance of your company. Customers, clients, and tenants will respect you more when your property is well maintained. It shows that you pay attention to small details. Walking on your property will be a pleasant experience. You’ll also increase the general value of your property by improving its curb appeal.

Shrubs Must Be Trimmed As Well

Not only should you prune your trees but you should also prune and trim your shrubs. Shrubs that are overgrown are an eyesore on your property. In addition, they can be a liability too if they are overgrown and are blocking walkways. Overgrown bushes can also create blind spots in parking lots.

Why You Need a Professional

Don’t allocate your trees’ needs to your employees. Pruning trees is hazardous. The proper equipment must be used, and those doing it must be properly trained. You don’t want a liability on your hands. In addition, if not done properly by a trained professional who knows what to look for as well as which branches to cut off and which to leave on, the trees’ health will be negatively affected.

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Hiring A Service To Do Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Commercial lawn maintenance is extremely important when a business wishes to make a good impression to potential customers. A lawn full of dandelions will quickly become less than pleasing to the eye as these weeds will begin to crowd out lush, green grass. Ensuring the upkeep of the lawn is done in a timely manner will be of the utmost concern. Here are some of the steps a commercial landscaping service will take to ensure dandelions are extinguished, leaving a business property with a favorable appearance.

Hiring A Service To Do Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Weeds Will Be Removed Properly

It is important to remove the root portion of each dandelion present on a company property. If someone were to try to pick the weeds by hand, there is a risk of the stems breaking, leaving roots behind to grow again in no time. A landscaping service will use the proper tools to remove the entire root from each dandelion.

Weed Control Will Be Utilized

In addition to the removal of dandelions, steps will be taken to help in keeping them from regrowing again in the future. A lawn maintenance company will have a variety of weed inhibiting agents to select from to help in making conditions unfavorable for weed growth. If desired, organic measures can be taken in keeping these weeds from taking roots as well.

Routine Care Will Keep Weeds At Bay

Hiring a lawn service to do regular mowing of grass is the best way to keep dandelions from surfacing. A lawn that is cut to a length that allows for slight shading of the soil will block sunlight, which dandelions need to thrive. This will require more frequent cutting, however, the lawn will remain weed-free as a result. For more information on the services your business’ property deserves, contact us to speak to a lawn care specialist.