The Importance of Proper Irrigation for Your Commercial Landscape

At Metro Lawn Care, we know that a well-maintained and attractive commercial landscape is important for the overall appearance and success of a business. Proper irrigation is a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy and vibrant landscape. Here are some reasons why proper irrigation is so important:

The Importance of Proper Irrigation for Your Commercial Landscape

  1. Promotes plant health: Adequate watering is essential for the health and growth of plants. Without sufficient water, plants can become stressed and prone to pests and diseases.
  2. Conserves water: An efficient irrigation system can help conserve water by delivering the right amount of water to the right places at the right time. This can save your business money on water bills and reduce the strain on local water resources.
  3. Reduces water waste: Improper irrigation, such as overwatering or under-watering, can lead to water waste and runoff. A properly designed and maintained irrigation system can help prevent this.
  4. Increases property value: A healthy and attractive landscape can increase the value of your property. Proper irrigation is an important aspect of maintaining a beautiful landscape.
  5. Meets legal requirements: In some areas, it is illegal to water during certain times of the day or to waste water. A properly designed and maintained irrigation system can help you meet these legal requirements and avoid fines.

Proper irrigation is crucial for the health and appearance of your commercial landscape. If you need assistance with designing, installing, or maintaining an irrigation system, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at Metro Lawn Care. We are here to help ensure that your landscape is properly watered and healthy.

The Benefits of Using Native Plants in Your Commercial Landscape

At Metro Lawn Care, we understand the importance of having a well-maintained and attractive commercial landscape. One way to achieve a beautiful and sustainable landscape is by incorporating native plants. Native plants are those that are naturally found in a particular region and have adapted to the local climate and soil conditions. Here are some of the benefits of using native plants in your commercial landscape:

The Benefits of Using Native Plants in Your Commercial Landscape

  1. Low maintenance: Native plants are well-suited to the local environment and are therefore less prone to pests and diseases. This means that they require less fertilization, watering, and overall maintenance than non-native plants.
  2. Water conservation: Native plants are adapted to the local climate and soil conditions, which means they are more drought-tolerant and require less watering. This can save your business money on water bills and reduce the strain on local water resources.
  3. Attracts wildlife: Native plants provide food and habitat for local wildlife, such as birds, butterflies, and bees. This can not only add beauty and interest to your landscape, but it can also contribute to the overall health of the ecosystem.
  4. Durability: Native plants are adapted to the local climate and soil conditions, which makes them more resistant to extreme weather conditions and soil erosion. This can save your business money on replacements and maintenance in the long run.
  5. Sustainability: Using native plants in your commercial landscape not only benefits the environment, but it also demonstrates your business’s commitment to sustainability. This can be attractive to environmentally-conscious customers and improve your company’s reputation.

By incorporating native plants into your commercial landscape, you can create a beautiful, low-maintenance, and sustainable outdoor space. If you need assistance with selecting and installing native plants or maintaining your commercial landscape, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals at Metro Lawn Care. We are here to help create the perfect outdoor space for your business.

4 Ways Using Mulch in Commercial Landscaping Can Save Money

Commercial landscaping is an important component of a business’s operations. It can help to improve the appearance, function, and sustainability of the business’s environment. It creates a positive first impression for customers and clients. And it can even boost employee morale and productivity. One crucial element to a successful commercial landscape design is, believe it or not, mulch.

Sure, mulch can improve the overall appearance of the landscape by providing a consistent, polished look. Mulch can be used to cover bare soil, fill in gaps between plants, and create a cohesive design aesthetic. But using mulch in commercial landscaping can also have financial benefits. Here are four ways in which using mulch can save your business money.

4 Ways Using Mulch in Commercial Landscaping Can Save Money


Mulch can help to conserve moisture in the soil, which can reduce the need for watering and save water resources. Using less water can reduce water bills and other water-related expenses. This can be particularly important for businesses located in areas with high water rates or that have large landscape areas that require significant amounts of water to maintain. Conserving water can help to reduce the risk of water shortages and other water-related problems, such as drought or water restrictions. This can save businesses from having to invest in additional water supplies or incur other costs associated with water shortages.


Weeds can compete with plants for water, nutrients, and sunlight, which can reduce the health and growth of plants in a landscape. By using mulch to suppress weeds, businesses can help to ensure that their plants are healthy and thriving, which can save money on plant replacements and time and labor on weed control.


Healthy soil has a balanced ecosystem of microorganisms, fungi, and other beneficial organisms, which can help to recycle nutrients naturally and support plant growth. Mulch can help to improve the health of the soil, which can reduce the need for fertilizers and other soil amendments and reduce maintenance costs.


Mulch can help to protect plants from extreme temperatures, which can reduce the need for costly plant replacements. Protecting plants in commercial landscaping can help businesses to save money by reducing plant maintenance costs, improving the appearance of the landscape, and conserving natural resources.


Overall, using mulch in commercial landscaping can be a cost-effective way to improve the health and appearance of landscape environments. If you have questions about other ways to save money and enhance your business with a professional commercial landscape, call Metro Lawn Care now. Serving the Dallas area for over 40 years, the experts at Metro Lawn Care can help you achieve your commercial landscaping goals.

Proper Watering for Your Commercial Landscape

Water is one of the essential elements needed by all plants to survive and to prosper. However, too much water can cause serious issues with your plants, just as too little water can. In this article, we’ll discuss what a happy medium might be for your plants, so you can avoid all the potential pitfalls of over-watering or under-watering your commercial landscape.

Proper Watering for Your Commercial Landscape


All trees require immediate watering after planting, and every day for the first couple weeks. After that period, you can lessen your watering to once every two or three days, and after about 12 weeks, you should limit watering to once each week. Of course,  during dry periods, you may need to increase your watering schedule to help the young trees.


As you would with any young tree, water your new shrubs daily after planting, and continue watering them every day for at least a couple weeks. Up to about the twelfth week, it will be acceptable to water every couple of days, and by the time three months have passed, you’ll be able to limit watering to once a week or so.


In the first  year of a plant’s life, it will be necessary to water it daily at first, before tapering off to a few times a week, and then to just once a week. Pay close attention to the soil condition where your plants are, and if it tends to be dry, you may need to water more frequently. If you’ve bought a potted plant, keep the pot, because it can provide an ideal container for growth. After your  plant has become established, you may want to transplant into the ground, and then you’ll have to water more frequently again, until the plant gets accustomed to its new environment.

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For much more information, or to avail yourself of our extensive plant services, please contact us at Metro Lawn Care. With our experience and expertise, you’ll be able to maintain very healthy plants all around your home.

3 Sustainable Commercial Landscaping Ideas

Commercial landscaping is a crucial aspect of any business. It enhances the aesthetics and functionality of the business’s space, while giving an excellent first impression to visitors and customers. Here are some commercial landscaping ideas you can adopt for your company.

3 Sustainable Commercial Landscaping Ideas

Use Planters 

Planters of varying sizes, shapes, and colors can help present your plants creatively. Place them in the parking lot, along the pathways, next to entrances, and on your lawn. You can even have a mix of planters, flower beds, and trees in your exterior space. They will not only enhance curb appeal, but also help your clients and employees to relax. It can boost your company’s productivity and sales. You can also promote your firm by incorporating brand colors into your planters.


Design Private Nooks

Enhance your commercial landscape with private nooks to create intimacy and privacy for everyone who comes to your property. Nestled corners, pavilions, tiny benches, deck chairs, and other outdoor furniture can create quiet, comfortable spaces where your employees can have their breaks or customers can wait to be attended to.


Highlight the Architecture

Commercial landscaping should focus on both the interior and exterior areas of your business. Use interior plants in the lobby areas and wherever there’s space. How about shrubbing up your windows for more vibrancy? With the building being the focal point, you can also accentuate it by creating a living wall or green roof.

Consider adding drama by thoughtfully selecting colors and textures that will make your building conspicuous or send out your brand’s message. Remember to adorn your driveway with shrubs and trees, as well.


Implement These Commercial Landscaping Ideas with Metro Lawn Care

We offer full commercial landscaping services and are proud of the more than 40 years we have served the Dallas inhabitants. From commercial landscape construction and maintenance to irrigation installation and repairs, we have the necessary competence, tools, and teams to carry out projects. Contact us today for more information.

3 Reasons To Install Flower Bed Edging At Your Commercial Location

If you are looking into improving the exterior appearance of your commercial location, then landscaping is a must. Thankfully, having some great landscaping installed will make all the difference in the world and will really be appealing to all who come to your business. One specific thing to add to your landscaping is edging for all of your flower beds. Here are three reasons why flower bed edging is perfect for your commercial location.

3 Reasons To Install Flower Bed Edging At Your Commercial Location

It Looks More Professional

One great reason to install flower bed edging around your flowers is to ensure that they are as clean and professional as possible. This edging helps to create solid lines between your flower beds, and the rest of your landscaping. This is great for creating a gorgeous look for your commercial location, and it makes it so that your rocks, grass, flowers, etc., don’t mix.

It Supports Your Soil Structure

The edging around your flower beds also does an awesome job of supporting your soil structure. This is possible because the soil is able to stay within the structured area that has been created for it. This means that your flowers are going to get all the nourishment that they need from the soil, and you don’t have to worry about the nutrients washing away and causing your flowers to die.

It Reduces Maintenance Costs

Lastly, when you install flower bed edging, you help to reduce the overall cost of maintenance. This is possible because you don’t have to worry about putting in extra work to keep your flowers, grass, trees, rocks, and other plants separate. The edging does this for you and saves you a lot of money spent on this kind of maintenance work.

To learn more great reasons to install flower bed edging around your commercial flower beds, or to hire a professional to help you install your flower bed edging and care for your flower beds today, visit us at Metro Lawn Care.

What Can Commercial Landscaping Do for Your Business?

The state of your landscape speaks volumes about your company. The outside space of your building gives your customers their first impression of you and your business.

A properly maintained landscape will be attractive and will make potential customers pay attention and want to know more about your business. A landscape that is uncared for will not be appealing and can keep potential clients away.

Keep reading to learn more about how landscaping can help you and your business.


What Can Commercial Landscaping Do for Your Business?

Benefits of Commercial Landscaping

The following are benefits that commercial landscaping can offer you and your business.

It helps Attract More Clients

Having a well-maintained landscape has a positive psychological effect on your potential customers. Your clients will be attracted to the beauty of your garden or yard and feel naturally welcomed to your premises.

Increases Property Value

A commercial landscape acts as a mirror that reflects the worth of your business. A beautiful and well-kept landscape will translate to a company of higher value than a neglected landscape.

Furthermore, if you ever decide to sell your property or move to another place, your property will likely get a new buyer sooner, and you can even get more money than you initially paid.

Creates More Room

Landscaping will help organize your outside space. Improving your outdoor space by building a pergola, for instance, makes the space look more beautiful. In addition, the pergola can be used as an interaction space for your staff and clients and can work as a serene meeting space with a natural feel.

Saves Time and Money

Commercial landscaping can be expensive and time-consuming, from spending money acquiring landscaping equipment and tools, creating time for trimming your shrubs to watering your plants which can be overwhelming.

However, you can still spend less and save more time in improving the look of your landscape by working with a professional landscape company which can help you divert your energy and focus to more business-related activities.

Get Professional Commercial Landscaping Services for Your Business

A company’s landscape can define how clients perceive a company. A well-maintained landscape can entice customers to see what products or services you sell, whereas a neglected and unattractive landscape can keep them away.

If you want to improve the appearance of your commercial property in Dallas, Metro Lawn Care, Inc. will help you. We are a full-service commercial landscape company with over 40 years of experience. Contact us today, and we will help you achieve and maintain your desired appearance.

Why You Need MistAway In Your Yard

Your home, especially your backyard, is your private sanctuary, a refuge from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. It is where you relax, entertain yourself, have fun with kids and enjoy the company of family and friends. But what happens when your yard becomes overrun by pesky mosquitoes and other insects?

Your once peaceful oasis becomes a place of anxiety, frustration, and just plain old irritation. Here is where MistAway comes in, a revolutionary product that will help you get rid of all those pesky insects and give you your backyard back.

Why You Need MistAway In Your Yard

What is MistAway

The revolutionary MistAway system is an automatic insect spraying mist system that efficiently eliminates all mosquitoes and other pesky insects/bugs from your yard. It is an excellent way to keep your yard free of biting insects without worrying about manual spraying or the use of harmful chemicals.

How does MistAway work

The system uses a small amount of water-based pyrethrin mist that is safe for humans and pets but deadly for mosquitoes and other insects. The system is strategically placed in your yard and controlled by a timer set to go off at dusk or dawn. Once the timer goes off, the system will automatically mist the entire yard for a few seconds with a small amount of insecticide.

The insecticide flushes out insects and mosquitoes and effectively kills them. Afterward, the system will automatically shut off, leaving your yard free of insects.

Benefits of MistAway

  • Automatic operation. Set it and forget it.
  • Durable and weather-resistant. It lasts longer without incurring damage or malfunctioning.
  • Easy installation. It does not require a permit.
  • Non-Toxic. Safe for humans and pets since


At Metro Lawn Care, we believe that you work hard to maintain your lawn and garden, and you should enjoy them without having to worry about pesky mosquitoes. Therefore, we are proud to offer the MistAway Insect Spraying System as an add-on to our regular lawn care services. Contact us to get MistAway and other lawn care services today.

Everything You Need to Know When Hiring a Tree Company

Trees are essential to your property, whether you live in the city or on a small farm. They can provide shade, shelter wildlife, and improve the appearance of your home. However, some trees need to be removed for various reasons. Whether you want to remove a tree because it is dead or dying or clear an area for new landscaping, tree removal companies can help. If you’re considering hiring a tree company for your next project, there are five things that you should consider before making that decision:

Everything You Need to Know When Hiring a Tree Company

When Should A Tree Be Removed?

The answer depends on the tree type and the growing location. If your tree is dead, diseased, or growing too close to power lines or water sources (like a stream), you need to have it removed immediately.

If your tree is growing too close to another building—such as an apartment complex or home—you also need to have it removed because it may fall during high winds. The same goes if your tree would obstruct power lines under its branches.

However, some trees are healthy and will not die unless they are pruned or damaged by a storm or other event. In this case, the best way to remove these trees is to prune them back to a safe size and remove any branches extending outside their acceptable range.

If you want your tree removed immediately, the best option is to hire a tree removal company. They will take care of everything for you, so you don’t have to worry about it!

Will The Tree Cause Damage?

When removing a tree from your property, it’s essential to consider how much damage the removal process will cause to your lawn or other landscaping features. If you want to keep your lawn in its best possible condition, ask the tree removal company to leave only the bare minimum amount of debris behind to protect your lawn from damage after they’ve gone through their work with the tree on their property.

What Service Will Your Tree Removal Company Provide?

Do you need the whole tree removed or just one branch? If it’s the entire thing, ensure the contractor has experience dealing with big trees. If it’s just one branch, ensure that it is not too heavy or oversized and that they know how to safely remove it without damaging your property below or above ground level, which may result in severe damage if not handled correctly.

How Much Does Tree Removal Cost?

Get an estimate first so you can compare apples-to-apples before committing any money or signing contracts with any contractor over another (which could potentially cost more).

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by a lot of numbers. But if there are only a few trees, it’s less likely that the cost will be too high. Also, ask about discounts if you have multiple trees you want to get rid of at once.

For example, if your house is close to construction sites and you have some fallen trees on your property, your tree removal company might be able to arrange for a discount since they’re removing extra debris from the yard.

Can I Remove A Tree Myself?

You could probably do it yourself if you’re a skilled tree removal professional and have the right equipment. But if you don’t have the right equipment, or if your tree is too big for you to manage on your own, then hiring a professional tree removal company is probably the best option.


Trimming a tree or shrub is usually done to improve a plant’s health and appearance. However, when some branches are too far gone or have grown too close to power lines or house siding, the time may come to remove the entire tree.

That’s when hiring a specialized tree removal company is often the best option for your property. If you want to hire someone reputable and experienced, contact us by filling out the contact form on our website today. Your yard will thank you for it!

What To Expect During a Professional Large Tree Removal?

Several situations might warrant professional large tree removal, including trees leaning too close to power lines and damaged or diseased trees that are beyond reclamation. Usually, trees are an asset or a liability. When professionals determine the underlying potential issue, tree removal might be required.

What To Expect During a Professional Large Tree Removal?

Professional Large Tree Removal Services

Large tree removal should be comprehensive and cost-effective. This is achieved using a combination of skills and state-of-the-art equipment. A professional will assess and determine all risk factors before starting. Done right, large tree removal leaves you with a clean slate to experiment with new ideas on your lawn.

From visibly damaged roots to extensive cavities and cracks on the tree trunk, there are tell-tale signs professionals look for before getting started. Luckily, there are several ways you can reach out to a professional to consult about these and other large tree removal services.

Large Tree Removal Project Plan

The first step of the process is to hire a certified large tree removal expert. A professional will get the job done the first time without causing property damage. Other factors that affect the project include:

  • Height: The height and thickness of the large tree will determine the time spent on its removal. Larger trees will require power tools and, in some cases, cranes. Nonetheless, safety should be prioritized.


  • Location: Some locations might require the extra equipment and skill to remove large trees conveniently and safely.


  • Type: The type of tree determines the equipment and skills required. From the use of harness cables to chopping down the crown section of the tree first, different types of trees require different approaches.


  • Safety and risk: Trees closer to powerlines and property require caution when cutting down.


  • Haul:  Whether you prefer to have it chopped down into smaller pieces or wholly removed from your lawn, professional large tree removal experts will account for your hauling preferences in the project plan.


  • Condition: Trees can stay in place for decades or centuries, forming deep roots. On the other hand, factors such as insect infestation, lightning, drought, and diseases can affect the tree’s integrity. All these conditions are considered during the large tree removal.

Choosing the Right Large Tree Removal Service

When choosing a large tree removal service, select a company that covers all aspects of tree removal. The service you opt for should have the right equipment and provide all costs up-front.

Trees look beautiful in our backyards; however, they could pose a danger to your home under several circumstances. If you are still unsure whether large tree removal services can apply to your circumstance, you can contact our fully qualified team for more information.

Metro Lawn Care, Inc is a commercial landscape company committed to helping property owners make the best of their lawns. We offer a wide range of services, including large tree removal. With more than 34 years of experience, you can be sure that your property will be safe with our professionals on-site. Your dream landscape is a phone call away. Contact us today to discuss your options.