Month: June 2020

3 Ways A Professional Can Help You With Your Commercial Irrigation

If you have a commercial property with an irrigation system, it is important that it is properly cared for. A great way to do this is to hire a professional to take care of your irrigation maintenance needs. Here are three great ways that a professional can help you with your commercial irrigation.

3 Ways A Professional Can Help You With Your Commercial Irrigation

Set Irrigation Clocks 

One very important thing that a professional can do for your commercial irrigation system is to set your irrigation clocks. These clocks control when your sprinklers turn on and how long they are on for each time. It is crucial that this clock is set correctly or your grass and plants may not get the water that they need to grow and thrive. It is also important that the water is turned on at the correct time of day so things like sunlight, wind, etc. don’t interfere with your watering.

Winterize Your System 

When it is cold enough outside that you no longer need your commercial irrigation system running, it is important to call a professional to come and winterize your system for you. They will use a pressure machine to blow all of the water out of the line and will then close all of the sprinkler heads to seal it off. This makes sure that no water is stuck in the pipes that could potentially freeze and cause the pipes to break.

Adjust/Replace Sprinkler Heads

After winter is over and your commercial irrigation system needs to be turned back on once again, you should call the professionals. Not only will they be able to get your irrigation clocks reset, but they will also be able to do any repair work that may be done to your sprinkler heads. This may involve replacing any broken heads and/or adjust sprinkler heads that may no longer be covering the specific grass area that you need them to. This helps to make sure that all of the water being used during watering times is effective and also helps to ensure your grass and other plants are growing like they should.

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3 Commercial Landscape Construction Mistakes That Could Affect Your Business

Quality commercial landscape construction is a significant aesthetic draw to your location. However, it goes beyond mere good looks. A solid construction plan prevents common mistakes that can adversely affect the functioning of your business. Would you know the top mistakes to avoid?

3 Commercial Landscape Construction Mistakes That Could Affect Your Business

Commercial Drainage Solutions Should Prevent Puddles Near Entryways

You have seen the puddles near the doors of other businesses. They get worse when the sprinklers come on. In some cases, they create hazards. Besides that, they cause customers and clients to track in mud and water, which makes the lobby area look soggy.

Flooding of walkways and entries also leads to algae development and moss buildup. Sometimes, you may notice mold on glass surfaces that enter the venue. All these problems combine to create a lackluster exterior and interior. Therefore, it makes sense to entrust a specialist with the design of the drainage system as well as any repairs it may require.

Planning Your Commercial Landscaping with a Single-Minded Focus

It is easy to plant for the season that you are currently in. You do not give much thought to adding plants that will provide color in winter. However, by only planting for one season, you will have a landscape that looks barren and bare after flowers finished blooming.

Avoid this mistake by working with specialists who can ensure a year-round appeal of your landscape. There would be the plants that will bloom in spring as well as those that add color in fall. Most importantly, evergreens will add color in winter, too.

Failing to Plan for Ongoing Maintenance

Even the best-constructed landscape needs maintenance. Plants grow and spread. In some cases, this can lead to a more unkempt look. Remember that the installation of a commercial landscape is not a one-time process. Rather, it is the beginning of a working relationship with an expert firm that will maintain its looks and help it develop to its full potential.

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