Month: October 2020

4 Business Reasons to Add a Pergola to Your Commercial Property

The visual appeal of pergolas is undeniable. However, the beauty of pergolas isn’t the only reason to add one to your commercial property. Pergolas can add value to your property and your business. Here are business reasons to install a pergola at your commercial location.

4 Business Reasons to Add a Pergola to Your Commercial Property

Create a Comfortable Transition

On a hot, sunny day in Dallas, even walking from the parking lot to your company’s entrance can be unpleasant. Now imagine you and your customers making the transition from your cars to the building under a pergola’s shade. The comfort that came to mind is what your customers are going to experience and remember.

Expand Restaurant Seating Outdoors

Your restaurant has enough room for outdoor seating, but there’s no shelter from the sun. Umbrellas aren’t a good option since they provide a very limited amount of shade. A pergola can shade your entire seating area. Also, pergolas are far more durable than umbrellas. Suspending lights from your pergola can extend your outdoor operating hours until long after sunset.

Add Amenities to Your Multifamily Property

Are you looking for ways to make your multifamily property stand out from the competition? A pergola could increase the amenities you offer in countless ways. For instance, you may want to define an outdoor dining area for residents with picnic tables under a pergola. Or you could add a poolside pergola to give potential customers (prospective tenants) a spot to anticipate spending their summer weekends.

Make an Employee Break Room

If your uniformed employees spend their breaks hanging out in random places around the building’s exterior, that visual can make an undesirable impression on your company’s visitors. An alternative is establishing an outdoor break room with a pergola. It could improve the impression your business is making and demonstrate appreciation to your workers. That’s a classic win-win.

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5 Strategies of Saving Water at Your Business

While many people are becoming more conscious about the conservation of the environment, very little is being said about saving water. We spend most of our active hours in the workplace and our business areas. So we must learn how to save water in our workspaces for a better tomorrow. In this post, we share some insights about saving at the business place.5 Strategies of Saving Water at Your Business

Educate Employees on Saving Water

While the business owner may understand the importance of saving water, the same may not be the case for the employees. Involve your employees about the importance of water management. Encourage your workforce to take part in the initiative.

Go for More Water-Efficient Items

There are many tools and equipment used in the business area that consumes lots of water. However, it is vital to note that not all of them come in water-efficient models. There is equipment that is water -efficient while others are available in less-water-intensive models. Most people do not go for these kinds because of their high buying costs. While this may be a factor to consider, the truth is that they, in the long run, save you considerable energy bills.

Carry Out a Water Audit

A water audit will assess the amount of water used daily and spell out the conservation opportunities. Water audits also reveal leaks that could be treated with inexpensive repairs, helping to reduce water loss.

Use Low-Flow Restrictors

Ensure that the shower and faucets in the restrooms are fitted with low-flow restrictors. You can get in touch with your building’s management to request them to install the restrooms with low-flow restrictors.

Cut Down on Landscape Water Utility

Think about planting less-water intensive landscapes. These will use less water while at the same time maintaining the aesthetic purposes.

The importance of water conservation can never be overemphasized. The above tips will go a great way towards saving water consumption in your business. Why not contact us today for more information.