Month: June 2021

Why Proper Landscaping Can Make or Break Your Business

Commercial landscaping can make a huge difference in the way customers see your business. Well-designed and well-maintained landscaping says that the owners care about their property and anyone who may visit it, while an unkept property may as well be a ‘stay away’ sign to potential customers. Here are a few ways your choice of landscaping can make or break your business.

Why Proper Landscaping Can Make or Break Your Business


A lush landscape is a wonderful thing to have, but too much can easily fall into the category of ‘overgrown’. Be sure to design smartly and take care of any green space you have. Overgrown plants and shrubs will make a business look at best neglectful and at worst abandoned. Invest in a good maintenance routine for your landscaping to keep the space looking inviting.


On the practical side, your landscaping should be functional as well as beautiful. Neglecting to take your actual space into account when designing is a huge pitfall and can lead to issues like improper drainage and standing water after rain storms. Always take careful stock of what the property needs to function at its best before you begin any major landscaping project.


One of the most common mistakes you can make is designing a landscape with plants that attract insects. Plants which attract ants and aphids can also attract spiders as they enjoy having a ready food source. To minimize the risk of your lawn or business being infested, be sure to choose plants which do not naturally attract creepy crawly visitors.

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Commercial Landscaping Considerations After COVID-19

Covid-19 has put a variety of businesses in a holding pattern. Many are re-imagining the ways they will interact with the consumer. Part and parcel of this consideration is the investment in commercial landscaping. What are trends we see developing at this time?

Commercial Landscaping Considerations After COVID-19

Locally Sourced Products vs. Imported Pieces

With temporary supply chain problems leading to empty shelves, the consumer is looking closer to home for all types of goods. For the commercial landscaping specialist, this means sourcing irrigation pieces, pergola hardware, arbor wood, plants, and fertilization products locally. The business client does not want to wait. Commercial irrigation problems need to be fixed now – not when a piece comes back in stock. Therefore, it is essential to rethink the dependence on imported goods versus locally sourced products.

An Emphasis on Customized Designs vs. Standard Choices

Better landscaping designs lead to superior durability of grassy areas, seating arrangements, and flowerbeds. Property managers are spending more time filling vacancies, which means they have less time to deal with landscaping issues such as failing irrigation, tree pruning, or drainage problems. This means the integration of native plants and trees for sustainability versus the use of non-native species for looks.

Social Distancing and Hygiene Concerns Take Precedence

Commercial landscape design will incorporate seating areas that are smaller to minimize the numbers of people having their lunches there. However, there will now be more seating spaces throughout the landscape. Benches will be distanced and may have shrubs between them. Offset designs are also gaining in popularity. You will notice additional litter receptacles. In contrast, public drinking fountains are now a thing of the past.

How Will Your Commercial Landscaping Change after COVID-19?

Have you been thinking of having your landscaping overhauled to support distancing and boost healthy habits? Metro Lawn Care wants to help. Whether you need a complete redo from the ground up, want to make a few changes to an existing commercial landscape, or are rethinking the ways you are currently using your green areas, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about your options.