Month: February 2022

Why Tree Pruning Is So Important

Making sure your trees are well taken care of requires all the usual things like water, sunlight, and good soil, but it also requires that it is pruned properly. Hiring a professional to properly prune your trees will ensure that the pruning is done properly and on a regular basis. Here are three reasons why pruning a tree is so important.

Why Tree Pruning Is So Important

It Controls How It Grows 

Pruning a tree also helps to control how it grows. Pruning back certain branches and letting other ones grow will help to control the direction of growth for your tree. This helps you to shape your tree how you’d like and also makes it possible for you to have a very aesthetically appealing tree. This is important, especially if this tree is in a public location and is meant to add beauty to the landscape.

It Helps The Tree Remain Healthy 

Having your tree pruned is also a great way to ensure that it stays as healthy as possible. This is because it cuts off all the branches that are either dead or dying. This stops the tree from wasting precious energy and nutrients on trying to save these branches. This allows the other branches to get more nutrients and allows the tree to be healthier overall.

It Makes The Tree Safer

Taking the time to have your trees professionally pruned also helps to make them as safe as possible. Pruning a tree removes any branches that are likely to fall off and harm someone. Since large branches can be quite heavy and dangerous, removing them is necessary to ensure the safety of anyone who goes near the tree.

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3 Valuable Winter Lawn Care Tips

Skipping lawn maintenance during winter doesn’t help. It only increases your lawn care workload for spring. Moreover, it may even cost you more to restore your lawn to its glory days. Even though the grass on your lawn is under snow cover, you still need to take care of it. So, what can you do to keep it strong and healthy throughout winter? Follow these Winter lawn care tips.

3 Valuable Winter Lawn Care Tips

Mow the Grass During Winter

If you want to keep your lawn safe, mow the grass during winter. Long grass attracts pests, mice, rodents, and other burrowing animals. These creatures are charming, but they wreak havoc on your grass.

Some of their destructive habits include digging holes all over your lawn. And while at it, they badly ruin your healthy grass. The result is undesirable patches of dead grass. Fortunately, burrowing animals do not like short grasses. Mowing your lawn during winter discourages them from inhabiting your lawn.

Fertilize & Aerate

A well-maintained, lush green lawn on your business premises creates a good impression. This is the image you want to sustain. One of the best ways to achieve this is through fertilizing and aerating the lawn right before the first snowfall.

The objective is to provide the much-needed oxygen and nutrients to keep your grass healthy. When you fertilize the yard, the grass collects and stores enough nutrients to last through winter.

Remove the Weeds

Several weed species thrive during winters, such as Broad-leafed and Bindi-Burr weeds. If you leave any gaps on your lawn, these weeds fill them. Invest in a good herbicide to control the situation. Its chemical composition should not be too strong for the grass.

Maintain Your Lawn With Us 

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