Month: April 2019

Add Landscaping to Your Shopping Center’s Spring Cleaning List

It’s the start of spring, and that means it’s time to start airing out your shopping center for spring and summer traffic. For most commercial properties, that means changing out the inventory and making sure the storefront looks sparkling clean to entice new visitors. But if you’re managing the whole shopping center, spring cleaning has to feature prominently on your to-do list. Here are three tasks a landscaping company can help you with:

Add Landscaping to Your Shopping Center's Spring Cleaning List

1. Get rid of your trees’ flower and leaf debris.

As your shopping center’s trees and hedges start to bloom, the leaves and flowers will eventually fall away. This leaves your parking lots, sidewalks, and drainage grates full of organic debris. Depending on what types of plants you have on your property, it can be even worse than when the leaves start falling in the fall. A landscaping company can help trim and clear away the debris before it gets in the way.

2. Keep the walkways and turns clear.

It’s just as important to have good visibility in your parking lots. But blooming trees can expand far past the edges of their previously bare branches. Hire a landscaping company to trim back the hedges and trees that line your parking lots. This will help keep the walkways accessible. It will also help let drivers and pedestrians see each other to keep the parking lot safer.

3. Reorient the irrigation to reduce mud.

If your sprinkler system shifted during the winter, water and mud might start pooling on the sidewalks. Not only is that dangerous for pedestrians, it makes the shopping center look poorly maintained. Hire a landscaping company to check over your irrigation system. They can make sure the water is actually getting to the plants that need it. They can also check for any damage from last winter.

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3 HOA Maintenance Benefits That Home Buyers Look For

A homeowners organization’s job isn’t just to make sure the neighborhood is in good condition for current residents. It’s also important to make sure the neighborhood looks inviting to prospective home buyers and new residents. If you want your neighborhood’s common areas and greenery to be a selling point, professional landscaping is an absolute requirement. A professional team of landscapers can keep the neighborhood’s common areas clean, green, and organized. Here are three things your potential new residents are looking for:

3 HOA Maintenance Benefits That Home Buyers Look For

1. Consistently green grass.

If your neighborhood is a new development, the grass is going to look patchy. The squares of sod will be highly visible, and it will take time for the greenery to gain uniformity. But if your HOA is in an established neighborhood, new residents will expect the grass to be seamlessly green. Patchy areas of brown imply poor maintenance or irrigation problems. New sod can also imply recent repairs or previously dead grass.

2. Shaped hedges and corner landscaping.

If your neighborhood has hedges lining the fences alongside major roads, it’s important to keep those hedges maintained. Sharp planes and crisp edges imply a lot about the neighborhood and its HOA, and it helps form a great first impression if your neighborhood has a lot of homes for sale.

It’s just as important to keep the landscaping near the main entrance to the neighborhood in good condition. Not only do the hedges need to stay trimmed back so people can see the signs, but that bit of landscaping is also the most likely to be photographed for a city or real estate website.

3. Seasonal changes.

Unless your common areas have only evergreen plants, hire a professional landscaping team to plant seasonal flowers and change the plants’ watering schedules. New residents will be able to tell if the plants are out of season or look bedraggled. Many residents who care about the appearance of their neighborhood will also prefer seasonal displays to evergreens, so judge accordingly.

If you want your neighborhood HOA to always give a great first impression, hire the right landscaping team. Go to Metro Lawn Care to get started.