Month: October 2019

Commercial Lawn Maintenance – Taking Care of Pests

Your beautiful, verdant commercial lawn is the envy of your Dallas business park.  It helps highlight your buildings and create a welcoming environment.

Yet pests might be lurking in the grass. Without proper lawn maintenance, they can quickly damage the grass, turning it from eye-catching green to unsightly brown.

Here are three common Dallas-area pests that might be hiding in your commercial lawn.

Commercial Lawn Maintenance - Taking Care of Pests

White Grubs

These C-shaped bugs are white or cream-colored and about a quarter of an inch to an inch long.  They have a brown head, six legs and can destroy a lawn by eating the grass roots.   The lawn becomes spongy and when pulled rolls up like a carpet. Signs of white grubs include patches of dead and dying grass, as well as birds, skunks and other animals feeding on the lawn.  Most damage occurs in spring and late fall. A grub killer application kills grubs.

Mole Crickets

These odd-looking insects first came to the United States around 1900 and have caused serious lawn damage ever since, particularly in Southern states.  One to two inches long with a spade-like body, big black eyes and a brown body, they eat grass roots but also burrow through the top one or two inches of dirt, uprooting the lawn and drying it out.  An insecticide application rids your lawn of these pests.

Chinch Bugs

Just 1/5th of an inch long, these black insects have white wings that fold neatly over their bodies.  They damage grass in sunny areas by sucking the moisture out of individual blades and then injecting a poison that kills them.  The grass first turns yellow and then brown.  Soon you have large patches of dead lawn.  An insecticide application takes care of these bugs.

Let a professional lawn care company take care of these and other pests so that your commercial lawn remains lush and beautiful.  Contact us today.  Our team looks forward to working with you.

Tractor Mowing: The Lawn Care Solution for Commercial Property

Whether you own large tracts of unused land or simply need routine lawn care for the property adjacent to your business, hiring a tractor mowing service is the best maintenance solution.    Tractor Mowing: The Lawn Care Solution for Commercial Property


Scheduled Mowing

Rather than waiting until your grass is in need, consider setting up a routine mowing schedule. Not only does this take the worry out of lawn care, but the grass will actually look better and be healthier when cut on schedule. Waiting too long between mowings means higher grass, which in turn means the lower part of the stalks get little to no sunlight. This is what accounts for that yellowish, burnt-yard look when the mowing has been put off too long. Additionally, when a large piece of acreage is mowed on a regular basis, it keeps harmful weeds and critters from spiraling out of control.

One-Time Mowing

You might need to clear away overgrowth to begin a construction project, or perhaps you’re tackling the landscaping on newly acquired property. One of the best things about tractor mowing is that after the first mowing, the lawn will be significantly easier to maintain afterwards, even if you opt to do subsequent cuttings with a riding lawn mower. You’ll be amazed how quickly a tractor gets the job done as well.

Ditches and Sharp Inclines

Mowing ditches, hills, or other areas with steep inclines is challenging, not to mention dangerous with the wrong equipment. But keeping grass maintained in these areas is crucial for pest control and proper water runoff. There are special mowers available for ditch mowing, as well as tractor attachments which handle grades safely and effectively. When you hire a professional lawn care service to mow these harder-to-navigate places, they’ll not only cut the grass, but will complete any trimming needed for professional curb appeal.

Whatever your landscaping needs, Metro Lawn Care has the equipment and experience to get the job done. Contact us today for a tractor mowing schedule tailored to your business.

Commercial Lawn Maintenance – Four Tips for the Perfect Lawn

Every Dallas commercial building owner or manager wants his building to have lush, green grass, the kind that impresses tenants and customers alike. One of the secrets to achieving a beautiful carpet of green is regular mowing.  Why?

Commercial Lawn Maintenance - Four Tips for the Perfect Lawn

  • It helps a lawn thrive by removing debris that can interfere with blade growth.
  • It keeps all of the blades at the same height so that the resources that the grass uses – sun, water and fertilizer – are evenly dispersed throughout the grass
  • It removes pests that live in tall grass.

Firing up the power mower on a regular basis is not, however, all it takes to achieve the well-manicured grass every building owner or manager wants.  Done incorrectly, mowing can leave a lawn looking bedraggled or over-mowed.

So here are four mowing tips to achieve the commercial lawn that others will envy.

  1. Do not cut the grass too short.  Doing so is called “scalping” the grass, and it leaves soil exposed.  This unprotected soil is easily taken over by weeds. Grass that is too short can also develop a weak root system, leaving the grass vulnerable during a drought.
  2. Adjust the mower height throughout the year.  In the summer, increase the cutting deck height so that the grass grows taller.  This helps the grass develop deeper roots, which can help it withstand drought.  Tall grass also shades the soil, which slows water evaporation and helps keep weeds at bay.  During the late fall, lower the cutting deck height to prevent snow mold.
  3. Sharpen the mower blade regularly.  A dull blade tears blades open, creating entry points for pests.  A sharp mower blade cuts grass blades cleanly and evenly.
  4. Mow later in the day or when shade covers the lawn.  If you mow when the sun is high, the individual grass blades lose water more quickly and take longer to recapture this moisture.  This can lead to stress and brown spots.

When you are ready for professional commercial lawn maintenance, please contact us.  We have the experience and expertise necessary to make your building’s grass the pride of the business park.