Month: April 2020

Advantages to Improving Your Commercial Landscape

A beautiful landscape on your commercial property is more than something pretty to look at as you walk into the building. Our expert landscape designers are well-versed in the different elements that create an effective commercial landscape. Consider these advantages to improving the landscape on your property.

Advantages to Improving Your Commercial Landscape

1. Improved traffic flow

Landscape elements usually perform specific functions. Make good use of trees, shrubs, and plants to direct the flow of traffic toward the entrances of your buildings. Natural elements combined with hardscape elements, such as stone or brick walls, can emphasize your main walkways, while also creating a pleasing visual effect.

2. Encourage visitors to remain on the property

Your landscape can help you engage better with the people on your property. Add areas where people can sit and chat. This can be as simple as a few benches, or more elaborate, such as a fountain, an outdoor lounge, or even a fire pit.

3. Highlight your business image

Your company has a certain way to display itself to the general public. This business image can be emphasized with a matching landscape. If your company aims to comfort and soothe, your landscape elements can reflect this with calming fountains and strategic flower beds. If your company’s message is more focused on the future and technology, use your landscape elements to suggest edginess or futuristic ideas. Our designers can match any image, from environmentally-friendly to fun and zany.

4. Add visual drama

Your business doesn’t have to be boring. Jazz it up with a great-looking landscape. Even a small landscape can add positive energy to your company’s image. Landscaping takes advantage of color, texture, space, and much more. Don’t forget your courtyard; it can be a place for visual relief and beauty for you, your employees, and your visitors.

Allow Metro Lawn Care to handle the design and build work for your commercial landscape. We have 30+ years of experience in the industry. Trust the landscaping company that can truly make a difference to the way your landscape affects your commercial business. Contact us for more information on what we can do for you.

The Advantages of Tractor Mowing

Every landscape is different and has unique requirements to bring it to an optimal level.  Yards big enough to require tractor mowing have exceptional challenges.  Tractors provide strength, speed, and access to potentially compromising areas in the landscape.  They also service a variety of landscapes and landscape needs.  Every job requires the right equipment.

The Advantages of Tractor Mowing

Large yards tend to rear large weeds and brush.  This brush is a pain to cut down and is a potential eyesore.  Tractor mower blades handle large brush very effectively.  The blades on a brush hog will reduce fair size brush and weeds to small pieces that will not obstruct the landscape.  Clearing a large field with small trees and large weeds will take far less time.

Steep hills and creek beds are potential dangers to push mowers and riding mowers.  Tractors are capable of pulling roll behind mowers that can neatly trim these areas safely.  Steep areas like this have fewer options for regular maintenance and are a potential hazard if overgrown.  In many cases, a tractor is the only mower able to handle the job.

Even a flat yard can provide a challenge if it is big enough.  The maintenance takes longer and more care is necessary.  Tractor mowers are faster and designed to handle large landscapes with consistent quality.  They will also save you labor and time, which is valuable.

Tractor mowers are able to handle a variety of landscapes and a variety of landscape issues.  Assess your property and ask yourself if it can benefit from a good tractor mowing.  For more information contact us

Readying Your Commercial Landscaping for Summer

Do not leave your business’ curb appeal to chance. Commercial landscaping specialists warn that with summer right around the corner, there is a need to get everything ready for the hotter weather. Here is what you need the experts to focus on.

Readying Your Commercial Landscaping for Summer

Commercial Irrigation Reviews Prevent Water Waste and Plant Loss

Do not accidentally water your walkways. Puddles near the entrance to your business are signs that the sprinkler heads need adjustments. Moreover, consider that your landscape’s size and growth may require directional adjustments of the sprinklers as well.

Mulch and Fertilization Programs

Plant beds need mulch. It keeps the moisture close to the plant roots and prevents the hot summer sun from drying out the soil. Besides that, a fresh bed of mulch looks attractive in your company’s flower beds. Fertilization enriches the soil with essential plant nutrients. Similarly, it can help your lawn areas avoid a crabgrass takeover with the use of added weed control products.

General Landscape Cleanup is an Ongoing Task – Especially after Spring

Your plant beds emerged from the winter. They might be in full bloom right now. However, very soon the flowers will finish blooming. Between spring and summer, there is a down period when the plant beds need special attention.

This is the time to remove detritus and discolored mulch. Besides that, a commercial landscaping specialist might cut back the bottoms of your evergreens a little to remove habitats for rodents. Some plants need to be cut back before summer starts. Similarly, there are plant beds that need to be redefined with a fresh edge.

If you suffered any plant losses over the winter, it is now time to fill in these holes. An attractive colorful landscape is a tremendous draw. Also, it speaks volumes of the attention to detail your company pays. In this way, the landscaping becomes an extension of your business’ brand message. Find out more about the best commercial landscaping practices now by contacting us today.