Month: September 2020

Importance of Tree Pruning

In autumn, leaves fall from trees and branches that were previously covered in a canopy are revealed. Other than dealing with the falling leaves, you also need to inspect each tree canopy in your yard. You can take advantage of the dormant months before autumn to develop a pruning plan for your landscape.

Importance of Tree Pruning

Importance of Tree Pruning

There are several reasons for pruning trees, all of which lead to better performing trees and better-looking landscape. Pruning is a routine maintenance process that makes it possible for trees to grow to their full potential and to live long.

The tree pruning process concentrates on the removal of dead and unhealthy branches to enable the entire tree to grow healthily. Opening the canopy allows in light and facilitates air filtering, thereby leading to increased foliation and decreased the risk of disease.

Pruning helps a tree to establish itself dominantly, and this helps in creating a strong tree that can withstand different weather conditions.

Pruning facilitates the creation of an ideal plant through appearance and landscape maintenance. There are specific ways of pruning that promote fruiting, flowering, and makes it easier to control the size of trees and shape the trees into different forms.

Tree pruning creates a safe surrounding for your family and friends. Proper pruning makes the trees in your landscape stronger and healthier. Dead and weak branches pose dangers to your family and property. Also, during the process, you need to assess if in case branches are getting closer to lights and electrical lines.

In case of an extreme weather event, tree pruning reduces the weight of trees and minimizes any possibility of falling easily during storms. Therefore, running minimizes the damages to property or other plants caused by falling branches.

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Ideas for Your Commercial Landscape Design/Build

Your commercial landscape design is extremely important as it has the power to deter or attract people. It should match the building and leave a good impression on your clients. Remember that you are telling potential clients who you are and what you stand for by the aesthetic of your landscape. To turn your existing landscape into the dream vision you have imagined, the professionals at Metro Lawn Care can do just that.

Ideas for Your Commercial Landscape Design/Build

Landscape Designs to Consider

Make it Friendly

To encourage people to stay, add trees for shade, benches for relaxing, and water fountains to further the beauty of the property. To take it further, you can add some lawn games and a soft surface for children to enjoy. This is important because if your space doesn’t feel inviting, it will deter people from stopping by.

Lead People to Your Entrance

Choose pathway materials that are dramatic. Line it with flowers and shrubs, lead your clients to a colorful door, and add lights so it still draws attention during the late hours.

Make it Appealing During Cold Months

It’s easy to have beautifully bloomed flowers during the warmer months, but you don’t want to welcome clients with dead plants or a brown lawn during winter. Plan accordingly to the weather all year round. When the weather becomes cold, opt for low-maintenance colorful plants and shrubs such as Red Twig Dogwood, Winterberry, Winter Camellia, and Winter Jasmine.


Decrease your carbon footprint with natural green space and install an irrigation system. You can also plant multiple trees to have a cooling effect during the warm weather months.

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Why Have a Fertilization Program

Lawns on commercial properties really need to be healthy. They attract clients and reassure them that you are on top of your game. This means that you have to feed your lawn and plants. It’s a great idea to have a fertilization program performed by professionals to do that for three reasons.

Maintaining Plant Health

Having a regular schedule for feeding your plants makes sure that everything gets all the necessary nutrients in the right amounts. Every plant needs a certain amount and no more, and that amount is easy to miss if your plan is haphazard. You can wind up accidentally feeding too often or too little. Then your plants will suffer from malnutrition, which can make them susceptible to disease and pests. A professional fertilization program will bring an expertise and regularity to your plant’s feeding schedule that will preserve their health.

Ease Of Use

A business owner has many things to keep track of. There is payroll to meet, inventory to control, and networks to maintain. This can put your landscape way at the bottom of your to-do list, which can lead to your property getting shabby and discouraging customers. A set fertilization program puts landscape maintenance on autopilot. The schedule can be set once and forgotten. The professionals come in when they are supposed to and save you the hassle of remembering the plants.


Whether your plants get broadcast fertilization or deep root feeding, it is a chance for people to look closely at them on a regular basis. This will reveal potential problems that might have otherwise gone under the radar. People will see such things such as puddles in unused corners that could indicate a leak in the irrigation system. This gives you a chance to fix these nascent problems before they get bad and require a lot more work.

If your commercial property has a lawn that needs regular feeding, Metro Lawn Care can help. We have fertilization programs, and we provide tractor mowing and chemical programs that will keep your lawn beautiful and healthy. We’re also a commercial landscaping company that can help you with your landscaping needs. Contact us for more information.