Month: January 2021

Ideas For Commercial Landscape Construction

Commercial properties sometimes suffer from bland landscaping. It is all just one big lawn, with a patch of concrete somewhere to stick the garbage can. This is unnecessary. Commercial landscape construction can bring your business a lot of needed buzz, make work pleasanter, and generally make your property fun by adding just a few tweaks to a place. For instance:

Ideas For Commercial Landscape Construction
Commercial Outdoor Space Sidewalk Landscaping with Walk Path and Plants


Commercial properties are often bigger than residential properties, and they will frequently have more than one building. These circumstances tempt people to cut across the lawn between the buildings in unpredictable ways. You can accommodate this impulse and make their travel swift and safe, while also preserving the greenery from big feet by adding paths. Landscapers can put in lovely walkways with flagstones, gravel, flower borders, and other touches.

Picnic Areas

Providing a pretty outside place for your employees or guests to eat goes a long way to increase comradery and comfort. It encourages people to stay on campus during their lunch so you have fewer people coming back late, and it gives people a place to relax together. Besides, spending time in greenery during the work day increases productivity.


Decks, porches, and pergolas aren’t just for homes. They can make businesses feel more inviting, provide office space on sunny days, and make work days pleasant. Benches, fountains, and statues are included here, and can enliven any workplace. These are highly versatile, and, best of all, they don’t strain your water bill. A commercial landscaping company can make hardscapes that match your company needs.

Businesses don’t have to settle for boring plain lawns if they don’t want to when they turn to commercial landscape construction. Fortunately, Metro Lawn Care has years of experience making businesses in Dallas, Texas look pretty. If you think your property could use a little sprucing up, contact us

The Advantages of Professional Tree Maintenance Services

Consistent tree pruning and trimming usually isn’t something that is on everyone’s mind all the time. Keeping up with tree health, though, is an essential part of maintaining your property to ensure strong trees, fewer pests, and a safe residence. Keep reading to learn how Metro Lawn Care tree pruning services can benefit you and your property with their professional tree maintenance services!

The Advantages of Professional Tree Maintenance Services

Attention to Detail

At Metro Lawn Care, we pride ourselves in providing excellent service and attention to detail when pruning trees. We have been in business for over 40 years now and know how to accomplish the task in a professional and skillful manner. We know how important it is for your property to have the appropriate aesthetic.

Better Animal and Insect Control

The longer you let your trees grow wild, the more likely they are to overrun your property. This gives various animals and bugs, who may already be hiding out in your trees, a chance to move into your residence. We know how to keep your trees properly trimmed and pruned so that there is no pathway for insects and animals to find their way inside and wreak havoc.

Healthier, Stronger Trees

Regularly pruning trees allows the branches and roots to remain strong. They are expected to withstand severe weather when they are healthy and professionally managed. Because of this, branches are less likely to break off and cause other problems on your property.

Safety and Security

As previously mentioned, keeping your trees trimmed and pruned means you won’t have branches breaking off and falling due to weather or age. Tree trimming keeps your property safer so that there is no damage to your roof, windows, or nearby wires. Taking care of your trees means you won’t have to worry about paying for other costly damages in the surrounding areas.

If you are located in the Dallas area and interested in keeping your trees healthy all year round, contact us today! We would love to help you keep your property in good shape with our professional tree maintenance services!