Month: November 2019

The Art of Commercial Landscaping

The art of commercial landscaping design is part of a collaborative process, not only between you, your clients, your employees, and the design but also between the building and the design. From plant installation to irrigation systems, and from lighting systems to maintenance, if you want your building to stand out, all these elements will need to be considered in relation to the building itself.

The Art of Commercial Landscaping

Landscaping is not just about planting some nice plants for color, although this is a very important aspect. Landscape design takes in the contours of the land, the hardscaping needed to bring the property to life, the proper placements of plants, irrigation, and lighting, as well as maintenance needs.

You only get one chance to make a first impression!

By drawing attention to focal points such as the main entrance, an oversized sculpture, water features, or tiered landscaping, your business’ landscape becomes very interesting, creating curb appeal. Commercial property owners tend to underestimate, and even under-appreciate the value of landscaping. Landscaping your commercial building doesn’t have to cost you a small fortune. 

Metro Lawn Care takes pride in tailoring each project to your individual taste. We guide you through a process of looking through our books and discussing your preferences such as colors, shapes and smells – this is how we can get an idea of your preferences.

When you hire the professionals at Metro Lawn Care for your commercial landscaping project, our goal is to help you create the image you desire as well as ensure all the parts work together.

Our master gardeners’ and arborists’ extensive knowledge of plant textures, plant materials, color, and plant performance, guarantees healthy plant growth and eye-catching color displays. Your employees, clients, and tenants will be awed!

Here’s how we do it: 

  • Invest in a plan – this provides you a map to future modifications
  • Develop a theme – Let your building dictate the landscape theme that is connected to the architecture of the building. Landscaping should not dominate the architecture—it should enhance it.
  • Welcome your clients and employees – Make your building’s entrance a focal point, one that welcomes your visitor’s and employees. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways—bright grasses, flowers, and the proper lighting are just some ideas.
  • Plant choices and future plant growth – When designing your commercial landscape, we take plant maturity into consideration in planning the theme. Additionally, we will stagger blooms for seasonal interest and intersperse native grasses, evergreens, and shrubs for winter.
  •  Light the way – During the winter, when we switch back to Standard Time v. Daylight Savings Time, employees arrive and leave work in the dark; low-voltage lighting can light the way to keep them safe.
  • Keep it low maintenance – During the design stage of the landscape plan, we will also prepare a maintenance plan detailing the care of the landscape throughout each season. Xeriscape landscaping is a style of landscape design requiring little or no irrigation or other maintenance,  saving you energy and maintenance costs.
  • Green & sustainable landscaping – Diverting water from storm drains by utilizing rain barrels is an excellent way to conserve water and maintain freshwater for outdoor use. If requested, we will incorporate these into the design as well.

Most commercial landscapes have a life span of approximately 20 years. After that, things tend to look overgrown, leggy, and worn out. Be sure to freshen up the landscape periodically to keep things interesting.

Servicing the Dallas area for over 34 years in commercial landscaping, Metro Lawn Care will help you achieve the look and feel you want for your landscaping. Call us today for a free analysis and quote.

Solutions for Standing Water: Commercial Drainage Systems

Drainage problems can cause damage to walls, ceilings and floors. Standing water, if left unaddressed, can cause foundations to move, resulting in costly repairs down the line. It can also flood landscapes, causing erosion and unsightly flooding. Metro Lawn Care, Inc. can help to prevent the harmful effects of water by ensuring your business has the proper drainage systems in place.

Solutions for Standing Water: Commercial Drainage Systems

There are several ways to prevent standing water:

  • Swale Drains: Swale Drains are an aesthetically pleasing way to ensure that water runoff is occurring properly. These shallow, broad ditches flow well with most landscapes and help ensure that runoff does not occur too quickly, all while creating a natural, stream-like effect.
  • Trench Drains: For heavy water collections areas, trench drains are quite effective. Deep trenches allow the water to be directed away from high erosion areas and into safer, more desirable spaces. Trench drains are also easy to conceal with pebbling effects so the landscape remains free of imperfections.
  • Point Drains: Areas in which water pools are at risk for standing water. Installing a point drain allows water to follow the natural slop of the land without pooling. Point drains are a small modification that will save landscapes from major damage.
  • Landscaping Modifications: Landscaping is a major contributor to how water drains and whether or not it will cause damage to buildings and businesses. Well placed slopes can ensure that water drains away from structures and toward acceptable outlets and specific plants can keep the rain off of sidewalks.

Metro Lawn Care, Inc. is dedicated to ensuring that rain does not hinder your business. Standing water and flooded landscapes cause companies to close for repairs but a well planned landscape will ensure that your doors stay open even on the rainiest of days. contact us to guarantee that your business is protected against the rain!