Commercial Irrigation Products That Conserve Water and Save Money

Water conservation is both a smart financial decision and a healthy choice for the environment, particularly during those hot Texas summers. Several products are available for use in commercial irrigation systems to reduce the amount of water and money spent keeping your crops irrigated.

Commercial Irrigation Products That Conserve Water and Save Money

Rain Sensors

Installing rain sensors will prevent your irrigation system from operating during and immediately after precipitation has occurred. This not only saves water but also saves your crops from the potentially devastating effects of excessive watering.

Smart Controllers

Smart Controllers allow the operator to set specific guidelines for different irrigation areas. This limits water usage based on the types of plants, exposure to the sun, humidity, and soil conditions in a particular section.

Rotator Nozzles

When compared to fixed spray heads, rotator nozzles conserve a great deal of water. These nozzles distribute the water in a uniform way that allows the precipitation to better penetrate the ground. Rotator nozzles offer a lower flow rate than fixed spray heads and the improved soil penetration results in less water runoff.

Check Valves

Adding check valves to your irrigation system will prevent water from draining in sloped areas. The valves close and capture the water remaining in the deactivated system so it does not escape through pipes and spray heads.

Our professional commercial landscaping team at Metro Lawn Care would be happy to discuss more water conservation products with you. Contact us today to find out what we can do to help you meet all of your commercial irrigation needs.

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