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Tree care is important if you love healthy trees. Your business’ curb appeal depends greatly on the health of your trees. You may have been considering tree pruning service for your business for some time. Well, here are the top five benefits of this service.

The Top Five Benefits of Tree Pruning

  • Health: Tree pruning maintains a tree’s health. The removal of dead, dying, or diseased branches help prevent further spread of decay. Trees also benefit from increased sun exposure and air circulation that result from proper tree pruning. In addition, tree pruning promotes the growth of new, healthy leaves and branches.
  • Appearance: Pruning improves a tree’s appearance. Hanging, overgrown branches appear unsightly and hurt a commercial property’s image. A well-maintained tree, however, creates a positive impression by showing potential customers that you care about your company’s quality.
  • Sunlight: Tree pruning allows adjacent plants adequate sunlight. Overgrown branches shade the area directly beneath them, making this region unfit for planting. With the removal of these branches, new and existing plants thrive just below a tree.
  • Reduce Risks: Tree pruning reduces the chances of accidents happening. Trees that aren’t pruned properly become a risk to nearby power lines, which can prove hazardous and create power outages. Hanging branches also pose a threat to buildings just beneath them, especially in stormy weather.
  • Shape: Tree pruning helps to shape young trees. Pruning results in good branch structure in young trees, and it compensates for root loss. You can add new trees to your commercial property and train them to grow in a way you’d like with regular pruning.

Metro Lawn Care has over 30 years of experience maintaining trees and landscapes on commercial properties. To find out more about how our services can benefit your business, please contact us.