Commercial Landscaping Ideas for Those Looking for Simple Upkeep Solutions

If you own commercial properties, it might feel as if you are always fixing up your buildings and responding to emergencies. One area that you can take the guesswork out of is your landscaping needs. If your commercial properties are in need of a landscaping overhaul, this might be the perfect time to incorporated landscaping additions that won’t require much upkeep over time. Here are three ideas for simple upkeep solutions for commercial landscapes that can still look professional.

Commercial Landscaping Ideas for Those Looking for Simple Upkeep Solutions

1. Drought-Resistant Plants

If your commercial landscaping is set up with lush plants that need a lot of upkeep, this might look great, but can take a lot of work along the way. Opt for local, drought-resistant plants that will do well in warm Dallas summers and won’t require a lot of individual watering and assistance from landscapers and gardeners. Irrigation systems that are set up on timers can help you take the guesswork out of continued watering as well.

2. Low-Maintenance Decor

One of the great things when it comes to commercial landscaping is this doesn’t always have to be all plants and grasses. Opting for fountains and large rocks can break up spaces and still look great. While you might want to have some greenery, open spaces covered with mulch or pebbles can also look professional and make the outside of your commercial properties look well maintained over time.

3. Larger Trees and Shrubs

While it might feel as if the initial groundwork to get larger plants and trees to take root and have a healthy spot in your landscaping might be tough, in the long run, these will be easier to maintain. Larger shrubs, trees, and bushes can withstand extreme weather, take up a good amount of landscaping space and won’t require much upkeep or effort over time.

If you are looking into new commercial landscaping upgrades, be sure to think about what can make this more simple for you over time. If you need help mapping out your landscaping and getting the process going, contact us to help you get started.

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