Five Landscaping Maintenance Tips That Simplify A Property Manager’s Job

Landscapes can be the biggest source of trouble that a property manager will have to deal with. Fortunately, following these landscaping maintenance tips will save you a great deal of hassle while still giving a stellar-looking yard.

Five Landscaping Maintenance Tips That Simplify A Property Manager's Job

Prefer Hardscapes

Anyone wanting to save time on their property while still having a gorgeous landscape will want to try out hardscapes. These are the non-living features of a property: pergolas, walkways, porches, and the like. These don’t need watering and are often simple to keep clean and presentable. They aren’t going to wilt or need replacing once their growing season is over. This makes hardscapes the low-maintenance landscape option.

Check Out Irrigation Options

There are many ways to get water to your plants, and some are more efficient for your business than others. Choosing the right set-up will keep your property at its best while saving you lots of hassle down the road. Some options are drip lines that deliver precise amounts of water directly to thirsty roots, smart watering software that waters only when necessary and can be set to a timer, and landscaping features that conserve and direct what natural water you get. You will want an expert to help you find the right setup and customize a watering schedule unique to your needs.

Utilize Native Plants

Flowers, trees, and shrubs that grow in an area naturally have adapted to their environment. If they are native to dry places, they tend to resist drought conditions and require less water. Native plants develop ways to deter pests that are native to their homes, and they have a taste for the type of soil conditions and climate conditions your property already has. This saves you a ton of work and money in maintaining your plants, as they need less pampering to thrive.

Lay On The Mulch

Every gardening book recommends keeping a couple inches of mulch over the ground around a plant’s roots, or indeed around the ground. Mulch is just a generic term for any ground cover, such as bark. It is pretty to look at, chokes out weeds before they can sprout, and protects the plant life from extreme temperatures that can damage their appearance. Mulch is the cheap and easy way to keep your property neat in all kinds of weather.

Get On Good Terms With Your Favorite Landscape Management Company

A landscape needs regular inspection and tweaking in order to look its best, and you can do this most efficiently by choosing one trustworthy landscaping company that does everything you need them to and set up a schedule for them to clean up your property. They can find and fix problems before they become expensive, and you can talk to them regularly about what your landscape needs.

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