Commercial Lawn Maintenance The Way You Need It

We understand how important your business is to you and your employees and we’re here to ensure that your commercial lawn care needs are done right. We handle all aspects of commercial landscaping and we have over four decades of experience helping people in Dallas, TX.Commercial Lawn Maintenance The Way You Need It

Successful commercial lawn maintenance includes:

. Mowing

. Irrigation

. Fertilization

. Aerating

. Weed Control

We’re here to do all those things for you, so you can concentrate on what’s important for you. We know just what to do and when to do it, so the lawn on your commercial property looks as good as possible. We have fully operational equipment and well-trained staff, with uniforms and company vehicles. We’re here to work as professionals, rather than to hustle for another dollar.


We have tractors for mowing large areas, even if they’re several acres. That’s in addition to weed trimmers and other mowers. We can keep the grass from being too tall on any lawn. We’ll keep coming back in time to mow the lawn again.

Irrigation, Aerating and Fertilization

In addition to commercial lawn maintenance, we are also specialized in landscape design and construction. That means we’ll know what to do if we see problems with the automatic sprinkler system. We’ll check it on a regular basis so we can make repairs or adjustments when needed.

Aerating helps to keep the grass healthy. If the soil becomes too packed, it cuts the roots off from enough water, air and nutrients. We have the equipment that’s needed to loosen top soil that’s become too packed down. Aerating the lawn will also produce better results when fertilizing. Looser soil will make it easier for the nutrients from the fertilizer to reach the roots of the grass.

For lawns we fertilize over the surface, ensuring that it spreads well. We also have a method for fertilizing tree roots that are up to 14 inches below the ground.

Weeds and Insects

We have the right products that we know will work best to get rid of those unwanted weeds and insects. No one wants to get bitten by mosquitoes or have dandelions growing where they shouldn’t be.

We use an unique chemical formula of weed killer that won’t harm the grass. The weeds will die off quickly so your commercial property won’t be spotted with patches of dandelions, crabgrass or other kinds of weeds that don’t belong.

Insects can cause significant problems. We have a special system that we call MistAway. It a newer and automatic system that will kill off all of those pesky mosquitoes and other insects that bite.

Please contact us if would like more information about what we can do for your commercial lawn or other commercial landscaping needs.

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