3 Ways to Keep Your Commercial Landscaping Beautiful in Winter

During the warm weather the bright flowers and lush greenery in your business’ landscaping may draw in and delight customers. However, when the weather turns cold and summer flowers die back, things may look quite different. Here are a few reliable ways to keep your commercial landscaping looking good in winter.

3 Ways to Keep Your Commercial Landscaping Beautiful in Winter

Tree Care

Fall is a great time to plant new trees and shrubs because they have the longest period of time to become established before next summer’s harsh hot weather arrives. Talk with your landscaper and decide where you can best place shade trees or decorative shrubs. Fall is also a good time to prune. Take note of any problems, such as tree branches hanging too low, shrubs blocking a sidewalk or signs of disease. The freezing rain that is common in our area can create a headache of broken branches on your property. A good pruning will resolve these issues.


Many trees and shrubs do not need regular watering in winter, but if they dry out they won’t survive. Poke your finger in the soil to see if it feels dry, and if so water your landscaping plants. If you have a commercial irrigation system in place, you can water only when needed. Many of these systems come with smart features that managers can control from their smart phones. This will allow your landscape to stay healthy during dry times but make it easier to follow any watering restrictions currently in place.


Though a common winter preparation, the many advantages of mulch cannot be overlooked. It refreshes the look of your trees and flower beds and keeps the soil from drying out and blowing away in the winter winds. Since Dallas weather is so changeable in winter, this also prevents weed growth in early spring on the occasional warm day. A two to four inch layer is best.

Here at Metro Lawn Care we have been getting Dallas properties ready for winter for over 34 years. For more information about improving your commercial landscaping, please contact us.

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