Create More Conversation With Arbors, Pergolas and Decks

If you’re looking to add an outdoor structure, such as an arbor, a pergola, or a deck to your commercial space, look no further. Everyone enjoys being outdoors, and nothing adds more pleasure to it like some fine outdoor construction.

Create More Conversation With Arbors, Pergolas and Decks


Arbors are a vertical construction that you can add to landscaping or gardens for a few different reasons. You may want one to provide outdoor shelter, more privacy, or just simply as an accent piece. You can use arbors as a way to separate different gardens or elegantly guide traffic through your space. Arbors are either built attached to buildings or freestanding, and they support delightful vines with beauty and ease.


Pergolas are different from arbors in that they consist of columns that support an actual roof of beams and rafters. You can have it covered or left open. Some people like them covered to create an area that’s protected from the elements. Like arbors, pergolas are either attached to buildings or freestanding. Pergolas are typically larger than arbors, and some people even classify them as building extensions. Pergolas can also easily support vines.


We all know that a deck is a great space to spark conversation. It’s basically a raised outdoor floor or platform that can make for the perfect spot to eat, relax, and/or entertain guests. Adding a deck is not only a great way to expand space, but it can significantly enhance the value of your real estate.

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