Proper Watering for Your Commercial Landscape

Water is one of the essential elements needed by all plants to survive and to prosper. However, too much water can cause serious issues with your plants, just as too little water can. In this article, we’ll discuss what a happy medium might be for your plants, so you can avoid all the potential pitfalls of over-watering or under-watering your commercial landscape.

Proper Watering for Your Commercial Landscape


All trees require immediate watering after planting, and every day for the first couple weeks. After that period, you can lessen your watering to once every two or three days, and after about 12 weeks, you should limit watering to once each week. Of course,  during dry periods, you may need to increase your watering schedule to help the young trees.


As you would with any young tree, water your new shrubs daily after planting, and continue watering them every day for at least a couple weeks. Up to about the twelfth week, it will be acceptable to water every couple of days, and by the time three months have passed, you’ll be able to limit watering to once a week or so.


In the first  year of a plant’s life, it will be necessary to water it daily at first, before tapering off to a few times a week, and then to just once a week. Pay close attention to the soil condition where your plants are, and if it tends to be dry, you may need to water more frequently. If you’ve bought a potted plant, keep the pot, because it can provide an ideal container for growth. After your  plant has become established, you may want to transplant into the ground, and then you’ll have to water more frequently again, until the plant gets accustomed to its new environment.

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