3 Ways in Use Rocks in Your Commercial Landscape Design

While most people think of trees, plants, and flowers when considering their commercial landscaping option, there’s one more potential element that’s often under-used: rocks. Incorporating small rocks and large boulders into a commercial design has many benefits, from brightening up flower beds to helping to secure a design visually in a given space. Here are just a few simple ways you can use rocks in your commercial landscape designs.

3 Ways in Use Rocks in Your Commercial Landscape Design

Rock and Water

Creating a small rock and water garden as a focal point of your design will help to bring a sense of calm and tranquility to your business. This is also good option for those with some outdoor space to play with and those who may benefit from instilling a sense of calm in their customers.

Create a Welcoming Pathway

Creating a stone pathway out of anything from fine gravel to large slabs will help set your business apart visually from any surrounding buildings and help customers get a feel for the sort of business you’re running, whether it’s something rustic or something more modern. These sorts of paths also create a welcoming entryway for potential customers.

Hide Necessary Equipment

Practically, using large rocks as a part of a landscaping design gives you many options for hiding uneven areas of your property or concealing necessary utility equipment. These focal points also help to anchor the design in the space and can give it a rough-hewn, organic feeling, or a clean, modern, and polished finish.

These are just a few of the ways you can use rock in your commercial landscaping designs. If you need assistance with your commercial landscaping project, contact us at Metro Lawn Care today! We are a full service commercial landscape company and have been servicing Dallas for over 34 years. We provide a variety of services including commercial landscape maintenance, landscape construction, irrigation installation, and repairs.

Property Managers should have Proper Landscape Design

Proper landscape design by a professional team can grow your business and help maintain costs. Metro Lawn Care offers many services with a holistic approach to commercial landscaping.

Property Managers should have Proper Landscape Design

Strengthen Business Image

The appearance of your property is often the first impression made to visitors and influences the way staff feels toward the company. Making the right statement with thoughtful landscaping can be beneficial. A well-maintained exterior attracts new clients and can ultimately boost the bottom line. Property staff and vendors will notice the nicer work environment and can raise productivity. Overall, landscaping shows clients you care about the details making them likely to do business with you. It can also raise workplace morale that have positive effects from employees.

Save on Costs

While appearance is important, as a property manager, you also are looking to save money.  Professionals in landscaping can design a plan for your property that addresses costs. Strategically placed shade trees can reduce the time your air conditioning system is on, saving you money.  For cooler months, plants that serve as natural wind blockers can have similar usage reduction effects on your heating system. In addition, a professional team offers low-water designs with the help from effective irrigation systems. These systems not only address water costs, they also draw water away from property during heavy rains that can cause flooding and serious damage requiring expensive repairs.

Pest Control

A proper landscaping team addresses all concerns regarding exterior enhancements for your property including pest control. Knowing which plants attract certain bugs can mean the difference between creating a calming setting and a critter nightmare.  Maintenance such as trimming branches, especially near building which can be highways for pests, is very important. An overgrown lawn not only is unsightly, but can serve as hiding places for bugs that can eventually find their way inside.  Your landscaping team also provides mulch that can serve as a barrier between insects and your property and any standing water that can serve as a pest oasis before it becomes a problem.

Contact us today at Metro Lawn Care for landscaping services with proper landscape design that enhances the image of your property, saves on costs and prevents a pest invasion.

3 Reasons Why Commercial Irrigation Is A Must

If you have commercial landscaping, or you are thinking about landscaping your commercial location, then it is crucial that you have an irrigation system installed. Here are three reasons why a commercial irrigation system is a must.

3 Reasons Why Commercial Irrigation Is A Must

One Less Thing For You To Worry About 

When you have an irrigation system installed for your commercial landscaping, this gives you one less thing to worry about. The irrigation system will take care of watering all of your plants, including your grass, trees, flowers, bushes, and more. This is possible because you will have both a drip system and an irrigation system installed to water each plant. The system itself is set to a clock that schedules certain times for your irrigation system to start watering. All of this is done without you having to worry about a thing.

Protect Your Landscaping Investment

Another reason why an irrigation system is a must is because it will help protect the investment that you placed in your landscaping. Having your commercial location professionally landscaped isn’t cheap and you want to make sure that you are doing all you can to keep your landscaping healthy and looking great. This is exactly what an irrigation system does because it gives all of your plants one of the most vital things that it needs each day, water.

It Takes Out The Guess Work

Lastly, an irrigation system is a must because it takes out all the guess work from watering your plants. The professional who installs your irrigation system will also set up your irrigation clock for you and will make sure that each plant is scheduled to get the amount of water that they need. This makes it so that you don’t have to try and guess how much water your plants need, which can lead to over watering or under watering.

To get your commercial irrigation system installed today, visit us at Metro Lawn Care.

Why You Should Always Hire A Professional For Commercial Lawn Maintenance

If you need to have your commercial lawn taken care of, then it is a great idea to hire a professional for this task. This is a big responsibility because you want your commercial lawn to remain looking great at all times. Here are three great reasons why you should always hire a professional for commercial lawn maintenance.

Why You Should Always Hire A Professional For Commercial Lawn Maintenance

They Are Experts

One reason why you should always hire a professional for commercial lawn maintenance is because they are experts. They have a lot of experience working with different kinds of landscaping, as well as landscape maintenance equipment. This helps them to keep your lawn looking as great as possible by creating fresh cuts, weed removal, weed-eating, and more.

They Use The Best Equipment 

Another great reason to hire a professional for your commercial lawn maintenance is because they will be using the best equipment on your commercial lawn. The have top-of-the-line mowers, tractors, weed-eaters, and more. They also use very effective chemical sprays for killing weeds on your lawn. This gives you the best results and leaves your commercial lawn looking amazing.

It Frees Up Your Time

As the owner of a commercial business location, you likely have a great deal of responsibilities. Because of this, you probably don’t have the time needed to make your lawn look its best. Hiring a professional to care for your lawn allows you to set up a schedule with them and keeps your lawn looking great at all times. This in turn will reflect well on your business. This pleases customers and helps to create a great image for you.

To learn more reasons why you should always hire a professional for commercial lawn maintenance, or to hire a professional to take care of your commercial lawn maintenance, visit us today at Metro Lawn Care.

Why Proper Landscaping Can Make or Break Your Business

Commercial landscaping can make a huge difference in the way customers see your business. Well-designed and well-maintained landscaping says that the owners care about their property and anyone who may visit it, while an unkept property may as well be a ‘stay away’ sign to potential customers. Here are a few ways your choice of landscaping can make or break your business.

Why Proper Landscaping Can Make or Break Your Business


A lush landscape is a wonderful thing to have, but too much can easily fall into the category of ‘overgrown’. Be sure to design smartly and take care of any green space you have. Overgrown plants and shrubs will make a business look at best neglectful and at worst abandoned. Invest in a good maintenance routine for your landscaping to keep the space looking inviting.


On the practical side, your landscaping should be functional as well as beautiful. Neglecting to take your actual space into account when designing is a huge pitfall and can lead to issues like improper drainage and standing water after rain storms. Always take careful stock of what the property needs to function at its best before you begin any major landscaping project.


One of the most common mistakes you can make is designing a landscape with plants that attract insects. Plants which attract ants and aphids can also attract spiders as they enjoy having a ready food source. To minimize the risk of your lawn or business being infested, be sure to choose plants which do not naturally attract creepy crawly visitors.

Do you need help with your commercial landscaping project? Contact us at Metro Lawn Care today! Metro Lawn Care is a full service commercial landscape company, and we’re proud to have served the Dallas area for over 34 years. We provide commercial landscape maintenance and construction, as well as irrigation installation and repairs.

Commercial Landscaping Considerations After COVID-19

Covid-19 has put a variety of businesses in a holding pattern. Many are re-imagining the ways they will interact with the consumer. Part and parcel of this consideration is the investment in commercial landscaping. What are trends we see developing at this time?

Commercial Landscaping Considerations After COVID-19

Locally Sourced Products vs. Imported Pieces

With temporary supply chain problems leading to empty shelves, the consumer is looking closer to home for all types of goods. For the commercial landscaping specialist, this means sourcing irrigation pieces, pergola hardware, arbor wood, plants, and fertilization products locally. The business client does not want to wait. Commercial irrigation problems need to be fixed now – not when a piece comes back in stock. Therefore, it is essential to rethink the dependence on imported goods versus locally sourced products.

An Emphasis on Customized Designs vs. Standard Choices

Better landscaping designs lead to superior durability of grassy areas, seating arrangements, and flowerbeds. Property managers are spending more time filling vacancies, which means they have less time to deal with landscaping issues such as failing irrigation, tree pruning, or drainage problems. This means the integration of native plants and trees for sustainability versus the use of non-native species for looks.

Social Distancing and Hygiene Concerns Take Precedence

Commercial landscape design will incorporate seating areas that are smaller to minimize the numbers of people having their lunches there. However, there will now be more seating spaces throughout the landscape. Benches will be distanced and may have shrubs between them. Offset designs are also gaining in popularity. You will notice additional litter receptacles. In contrast, public drinking fountains are now a thing of the past.

How Will Your Commercial Landscaping Change after COVID-19?

Have you been thinking of having your landscaping overhauled to support distancing and boost healthy habits? Metro Lawn Care wants to help. Whether you need a complete redo from the ground up, want to make a few changes to an existing commercial landscape, or are rethinking the ways you are currently using your green areas, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about your options.

Five Landscaping Maintenance Tips That Simplify A Property Manager’s Job

Landscapes can be the biggest source of trouble that a property manager will have to deal with. Fortunately, following these landscaping maintenance tips will save you a great deal of hassle while still giving a stellar-looking yard.

Five Landscaping Maintenance Tips That Simplify A Property Manager's Job

Prefer Hardscapes

Anyone wanting to save time on their property while still having a gorgeous landscape will want to try out hardscapes. These are the non-living features of a property: pergolas, walkways, porches, and the like. These don’t need watering and are often simple to keep clean and presentable. They aren’t going to wilt or need replacing once their growing season is over. This makes hardscapes the low-maintenance landscape option.

Check Out Irrigation Options

There are many ways to get water to your plants, and some are more efficient for your business than others. Choosing the right set-up will keep your property at its best while saving you lots of hassle down the road. Some options are drip lines that deliver precise amounts of water directly to thirsty roots, smart watering software that waters only when necessary and can be set to a timer, and landscaping features that conserve and direct what natural water you get. You will want an expert to help you find the right setup and customize a watering schedule unique to your needs.

Utilize Native Plants

Flowers, trees, and shrubs that grow in an area naturally have adapted to their environment. If they are native to dry places, they tend to resist drought conditions and require less water. Native plants develop ways to deter pests that are native to their homes, and they have a taste for the type of soil conditions and climate conditions your property already has. This saves you a ton of work and money in maintaining your plants, as they need less pampering to thrive.

Lay On The Mulch

Every gardening book recommends keeping a couple inches of mulch over the ground around a plant’s roots, or indeed around the ground. Mulch is just a generic term for any ground cover, such as bark. It is pretty to look at, chokes out weeds before they can sprout, and protects the plant life from extreme temperatures that can damage their appearance. Mulch is the cheap and easy way to keep your property neat in all kinds of weather.

Get On Good Terms With Your Favorite Landscape Management Company

A landscape needs regular inspection and tweaking in order to look its best, and you can do this most efficiently by choosing one trustworthy landscaping company that does everything you need them to and set up a schedule for them to clean up your property. They can find and fix problems before they become expensive, and you can talk to them regularly about what your landscape needs.

Metro Lawn Care wants to make the lives of property managers easier, so if you want more information, contact us.

3 Reasons To Hire A Professional For Commercial Tractor Mowing

If you own a large commercial property, then you know that taking care of the land itself can be a big task. When it comes to mowing, hiring a professional for commercial tractor mowing is a great option. Here are three reasons to hire a professional for your commercial tractor mowing.

3 Reasons To Hire A Professional For Commercial Tractor Mowing

Create A Regular Schedule For Mowing 

Hiring a professional to take care of your commercial mowing gives you the opportunity to create a schedule that works well for you. The professional will come as often as you need them to and will perform whatever mowing tasks you need them to. This regular schedule helps to ensure that the mowing always gets done on time and gives you one less thing to stress about.

Keep The Commercial Area Looking Great 

Another awesome reason to hire a professional for commercial tractor mowing is because they will make sure that your commercial land looks great. They will carefully mow all the areas that you have requested and will carefully mow around all of your trees and plants. Areas that are hard to get to, such as hills and valleys, will also be carefully mowed using specialty equipment.

Take Advantage Of Additional Services 

When you hire a professional do to your commercial tractor mowing, you also have the opportunity to have them provide other maintenance services for you as well. This can include clearing large portions of land, brush hogging, and a variety of other tractor services. This makes it much easier for you to get all of your landscape maintenance done because you can hire the same service to do several things for you.

To learn more awesome reasons why you should hire a professional for your commercial tractor mowing, or to hire a professional today, visit us at Metro Lawn Care.

Why Get Experts In Commercial Water Management

Commercial water management systems are important for most businesses. They are part of the infrastructure that makes your business possible. Most importantly, they keep your water bill manageable. In order to get the most out of it, you should hire experts to install your system. There are three reasons why.

Why Get Experts In Commercial Water Management

New Tech

Water management has come a long way since dams and levees. There are timers for sprinklers, special drip lines, and all sorts of other technological wonders that can be brought to bear on your water management systems. Expert landscapers will know what mechanical arts can be applied to your property and which will bring you the most return on your investment.

Range Of Experience

Every property has its own quirks that require some special tweak to the usual irrigation routine. Someone with a lot of experience with many commercial properties will know what those tweaks could be. These experts will also have the training to recognize new and unusual circumstances so that they can accommodate your company’s particular needs.

Technical Know-how

Installing things, even something as seemingly simple as a French drain, takes specialized knowledge. That’s important to know because the consequences of doing it incorrectly can be costly, including flooding your business and high utility bills. A water management expert has been trained on how to put in a variety of irrigation systems, and that person can be called to account if they make an expensive mistake. You can be sure that your system will work as advertised when you hire an expert.

Fortunately, Metro Lawn Care in Dallas cares deeply about saving your company money on its utility bills. We specialize in commercial landscaping, including irrigation services and commercial water management, and have 34 years of experience in serving our community. Contact us if you want more information on this or any other commercial landscaping subject.

Modern Landscaping for your Business Space

Modern design is rising in popularity, anywhere it can be seen. With good use of space, aesthetically appealing design, and a contemporary feel -landscaping is also following suit.

Modern Landscaping for your Business SpaceIn the big picture of modernism, features like sharp lines, clean edges, symmetry, and minimalism are used. It may seem odd to place something as wild and free as nature into these categories. Yet, with the right designs and execution, modern landscaping is stunning.

Places like commercial areas, offices, shopping centers, and overall architectural design are moving in this direction. Landscaping alongside these structures can be achieved with a few key factors being used. Read to see what elements modern landscaping includes to see if it’s a good fit for your space:

The elements of modern landscaping 

1. Material

Modern landscaping uses fewer materials used to create the look or design. A good example is the use of concrete. It provides a very neutral tone and a clean look. Concrete can be used for walkways and structures but also works well for flower beds and planters. Woods and metals are then used for accent looks and added design. Modern landscaping bypasses brightly colored planters or mixing of materials and plastics.

2. Symmetrical forms

Symmetry plays a primary role in landscaping and applies to many parts of the appearance. An example would be the same number of trees on each side of a walkway, evenly spaced, or the same planter with the same potted plants on each side of a front door. It may sound a bit monotonous but it adds to a sense of equal-ness and balance seen in the more modern look.

3. Clean Design

There is definitely a certain design element when creating modern landscaping. This will include elements like sharp angles, geometric designs, open spaces, and an uncluttered look. These design choices can be used for the planters used, how far apart the plants are placed, keeping areas well-kept, and plants trimmed.

4. Plants

The plants used in modern landscaping can still vary. Considering things like the local weather, where the plants are located on the property, their needs, and of course personal tastes. Working to achieve the modern look though, you can include plants that are straighter or narrowed, versus plants that grow outwards or wildly. Plants that are more natural in color will likely fit in more and also including plants in pairs or symmetrically placed. Having some variety can absolutely be used, and paired with the other elements of modern landscaping will help achieve the modern design.

Upgraded modern landscaping is sure to look amazing in your commercial space, let Metro Lawn Care make it happen by contacting us today.