3 Sustainable Commercial Landscaping Ideas

Commercial landscaping is a crucial aspect of any business. It enhances the aesthetics and functionality of the business’s space, while giving an excellent first impression to visitors and customers. Here are some commercial landscaping ideas you can adopt for your company.

3 Sustainable Commercial Landscaping Ideas

Use Planters 

Planters of varying sizes, shapes, and colors can help present your plants creatively. Place them in the parking lot, along the pathways, next to entrances, and on your lawn. You can even have a mix of planters, flower beds, and trees in your exterior space. They will not only enhance curb appeal, but also help your clients and employees to relax. It can boost your company’s productivity and sales. You can also promote your firm by incorporating brand colors into your planters.


Design Private Nooks

Enhance your commercial landscape with private nooks to create intimacy and privacy for everyone who comes to your property. Nestled corners, pavilions, tiny benches, deck chairs, and other outdoor furniture can create quiet, comfortable spaces where your employees can have their breaks or customers can wait to be attended to.


Highlight the Architecture

Commercial landscaping should focus on both the interior and exterior areas of your business. Use interior plants in the lobby areas and wherever there’s space. How about shrubbing up your windows for more vibrancy? With the building being the focal point, you can also accentuate it by creating a living wall or green roof.

Consider adding drama by thoughtfully selecting colors and textures that will make your building conspicuous or send out your brand’s message. Remember to adorn your driveway with shrubs and trees, as well.


Implement These Commercial Landscaping Ideas with Metro Lawn Care

We offer full commercial landscaping services and are proud of the more than 40 years we have served the Dallas inhabitants. From commercial landscape construction and maintenance to irrigation installation and repairs, we have the necessary competence, tools, and teams to carry out projects. Contact us today for more information.

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