Let Us Handle Your Commercial Irrigation Needs

The rain doesn’t always come down when you need it to in Dallas, Texas. Fortunately, our team members at Metro Lawn Care have over three decades of experience with landscaping and landscape construction projects. That includes the installation and repairs of irrigation systems. Let us handle your commercial irrigation needs.

Let Us Handle Your Commercial Irrigation Needs

Expert Services You Can Trust

Our experience with commercial irrigation systems, and with the area, will insure that your commercial property will have an effective and efficient irrigation system. We keep up to date with the local regulations. That includes regulations concerning water rationing during droughts. We have a wide range of useful products that can help, such as diverters and rain sensors. We run effective programs to help with water management. We also build effective drainage portals to prevent flooded or swampy conditions on your property.

No matter if you need a completely new irrigation system installed, or if you need an existing system repaired, we can do it! Landscape construction, upgrades and maintenance are our specialty.

Improve The Quality of Your Commercial Property

Properly installed and maintained irrigation systems provide the necessary water that’s needed to keep the grass, bushes and other plants on your property looking healthy. Why worry about the negative appearance of brown grass and dead flowers? Let us help by giving your commercial landscape what’s needed, which will add value to your property and help with the reputation of your business.

We don’t just install, repair or improve irrigation systems. We are a complete service commercial landscaping company. That means we’ll be available to help with your other landscaping needs and also maintain the landscaping projects that we’ve already completed.

Need an irrigation system installed or repaired on your property? Please contact us to find out more about what we can do for you.

4 Tips for Choosing a Commercial Landscape Contractor

Choosing a contractor to perform landscape construction can be a daunting task, but with some thought and planning the process can be stress-free. Let’s discuss four tips to consider when choosing a contractor for landscape construction.

4 Tips for Choosing a Commercial Landscape Contractor

1. The most important thing to do is to have a clear idea of the type of work you are looking for. Be sure to prepare a written list of your needs, wants, wishes and desires so nothing gets left out. The list will be important when interviewing contractors, as it is important all contractors have the same information.

2. Ask family and friends for recommendations for contractors. They may have hired a contractor in the past or know someone who has and will be happy to refer their choice. Check the local listings for landscape construction contractors. Look for contractors that carry the proper insurance and licensing, have a rating from the Better Business Bureau, offer the type of work you are looking for and are members in good standing with landscape and/or construction associations. Do not necessarily count out a newly organized company as long as the employees are seasoned landscape construction professionals.

3. Obtain bids from at least three contractors and request the bid in writing. The bid should include a description of the work, materials and equipment they anticipate using and hours of labor necessary to complete the work. This is where the list of needs, wants, desires and wishes come into play. In order to obtain a competitive bid, it is important the contractors are bidding on the same work.

4. It is important the commercial landscape contractor has good communication skills. They have to be able to understand what you want and be able to work with you and implement your ideas with efficiency. They also have to be able to convey their thoughts so you understand them.

If you have a landscape construction project in mind, please contact us and let our professionals help you work through the process.