When is the Best Time to Remove a Large Tree?

Large tree removal can be dangerous and is best left for professional tree maintenance services. There are many factors that must be taken into consideration when deciding on when to remove a large tree from your property. Some of these factors include safety, living conditions, and weather conditions.

large tree removal

What Type of Tree is it?

If you have any type of fruit-bearing trees (such as apple or peach), then these should be removed before winter because they may develop diseases during this time period. You don’t want any type of disease affecting your other plants or trees because this can cause them major problems down the road (such as losing their leaves early).

How Close is the Tree to Your House?

The closer a tree is to your home, the more likely it is that you will want to remove it. Trees that are close to your house can damage your property, and they can also cause serious injury if they fall down. As such, you should try to remove a large tree that is immediately next to or near your home as soon as possible.

Are There Any Other Trees Close by?

If there are other trees close by, you may want to consider removing them as well if they seem like they might pose a threat in the future. If one tree falls down, others may follow suit and crash into your house or onto power lines or other structures on your property.

If there are several trees close by that could potentially fall down in one fell swoop due to disease or other reasons, it’s best for safety reasons to remove them all at once rather than wait until one falls down and risk having another one follow suit shortly after.

How Close is the Tree to Utility Lines?

One of the most important things to consider when hiring a professional tree removal service is whether or not the tree is close enough to utility lines for safety reasons. It’s important that you don’t risk losing power in your home or having an electrical shock if you aren’t careful when removing trees near power lines.

The best way to avoid these kinds of accidents is by ensuring that people who know what they’re doing are handling any task involving cutting down trees near electric wires and cables.

Is the Tree Damaged?

If your tree is diseased or damaged, it may need to be removed as soon as possible so that other trees in your yard aren’t at risk of infection. If there are dead limbs on your tree, they should be removed immediately so they don’t pose a danger to people and pets in the area.

Is Your Tree in a Flood Plain?

If your tree is located in a flood plain or near an area where heavy rain can cause flooding, it may not be worth keeping around for long-term protection against floods. Trees and other greenery absorb water from rainstorms and help prevent runoff from entering streams and rivers during heavy rains. Removing trees from these areas can increase runoff into waterways and increase erosion along streambanks.

Expert Large Tree Removal Services are Just a Call Away!

At Metro Lawn Care, we provide expert service on all aspects of tree care. When the tree work is done, you will find yourself with a new and improved landscape that will make you proud of your property.

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