5 Commercial Landscape Design Trends For 2017

What’s new in commercial landscaping design? It seems that all the upcoming expectations for 2017 can be tied to one thing: conserving natural resources with style. Your company can go greener with these top 5 trends:

5 Commercial Landscape Design Trends For 2017

1. Nature-scaping: Replace the word “landscape” with “nature-scape” and you get the idea for this trend’s objective. Use native plant species that thrive with minimal maintenance. This conserves water and minimizes pesticide use by taking advantage of a plant’s natural hardiness. And it doesn’t mean that your landscape looks like an overgrown vacant lot. Going native can be absolutely stunning.

2. Advanced Irrigation: New technology, like Wi-Fi controllers, offer management features at the tap of a touchscreen. Rain sensors track weather patterns, detect how much moisture is in the soil, and activate irrigation according to need. Drip irrigation further conserves the precious natural resource of water while also making the landscape experience more pleasant. Passersby no longer receive an unexpected soaking. Plants are nourished discreetly in the background by gentle drips as needed.

3. Purposeful Gardening: Landscaping can now have a meaningful mission. A business can beautify their outdoor areas while also making a significant contribution to the environment, helping to restore threatened insect pollinator populations. Pollinator gardens are quickly becoming a favorite trend, popular for ecological reasons but also because they feature vibrant color and fragrance.

4. Versatile Space: Everyone loves a garden for different reasons. Feature functional versatility in your outdoor spaces.

  • Patio: A comfortable outdoor seating area is perfect for clients who are waiting, employees on break, or to have a meeting al fresco.
  • Water Feature: The latest in 2017 is all about water features. If your commercial landscape doesn’t have one, it needs one.

5. Sustainability: Sustainability is trending in every industry. It is a philosophy that guides the smallest design decisions, such as which plants to pair in a pot. Sustainability is about a landscape where everything co-exists in harmony. It takes a skilled professional to envision this kind of landscape integration.

If you are ready to update your commercial landscape, please contact us. Share with our skilled professionals what it is you imagine. We can bring it life.

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