5 Tips for Preventing and Killing Crabgrass

A common commercial landscaping problem you will face is the growth of crabgrass on your property. Crabgrass is an ugly weed that can mess up the look of your lawn. Since it spreads thousands of seeds during a lifetime, it can multiply quickly. That’s why it is so important to prevent crabgrass and maintain your commercial landscape. Here are five tips for doing so.

5 Tips for Preventing and Killing Crabgrass

Keep Your Grass Healthy

If the grass on your property is healthy, full and strong, crabgrass won’t have any room to grow. It’s when your grass is weak and there are empty spots that crabgrass starts to spread.

To maintain your lawn’s health, make sure to apply fertilizer on a regular basis. In addition, make sure that it is getting the water it needs. Apply mulch to keep your soil healthy. Build an irrigation system to make sure your lawn doesn’t dry out.

Keep Your Grass Taller

Similarly, letting your grass grow a little taller will prevent the growth and spread of crabgrass – there will be no room for it to pop up. Mow your grass a little higher.

Apply Pre-Emergence Herbicide

If your lawn hasn’t yet been sullied by crabgrass, consider using a pre-emergence herbicide to stop any potential crabgrass in its tracks. Make sure you are using a herbicide that is efficient and won’t cause damage to your lawn.

Kill It With a Spray

If the crabgrass has already sprouted, use a herbicide that is designed to kill crabgrass. Make sure you are using one that is selective and will only destroy the crabgrass. Stay away from herbicides that will kill other plants in the process as well.

Hire Professional Landscapers

The best way to prevent crabgrass from sprouting is by hiring a professional commercial landscaping company to maintain your lawn. Contact us today for more information.

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