Potential Signs for Commercial Drainage Issues

In recent years, weather’s volatile nature has certainly taken its toll on cities that were unprepared for how calamitous the effects would be. These effects were apparent in the city of Houston, where floods from Hurricane Harvey left the commercial city in disarray; billions of revenue for businesses lost in just a few days. The city of Dallas has vowed to invest in new drainage systems and  recovery plans to avoid being the next catastrophe, but your business could already be at risk. The next storm could determine the difference in spending a little versus losing a lot. Protect your investment and decide if your business property is at risk with these commercial drainage issues warning signs:

Potential Signs for Commercial Drainage Issues

Pools of Stagnant Water. While areas of standing water are normal after heavy rainfall, they should not be noticeable for long periods of time. Not only is it a sign of drainage issues, but it can attract mosquitoes and other insects. Stagnant water also starts to have a foul smell that drives away potential clients.

Cracks in Foundation. Normal wear and tear on a building is inevitable overtime. However, if you notice cracks begin to noticeably expand, you may have a potential issue. Cracks in the foundation are also an open invitation to rodents and other pests looking for a home.

Water Leakage. This is probably the most obvious sign that your property is suffering from drainage issues. Be proactive and inspect areas of the building, especially basements, for water stains or signs of mold and mildew.

No business is immune to the wrath of Mother Nature. But being prepared for the worst can offer a peace of mind. Metro Lawn Care offers many drainage system options for a variety of properties. Our state of the art drainage systems will protect your property from the devastating effects of rain and floods for years to come. Please contact us to help you get your business property to where it needs to be!

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