The Advantages of Tractor Mowing

Every landscape is different and has unique requirements to bring it to an optimal level.  Yards big enough to require tractor mowing have exceptional challenges.  Tractors provide strength, speed, and access to potentially compromising areas in the landscape.  They also service a variety of landscapes and landscape needs.  Every job requires the right equipment.

The Advantages of Tractor Mowing

Large yards tend to rear large weeds and brush.  This brush is a pain to cut down and is a potential eyesore.  Tractor mower blades handle large brush very effectively.  The blades on a brush hog will reduce fair size brush and weeds to small pieces that will not obstruct the landscape.  Clearing a large field with small trees and large weeds will take far less time.

Steep hills and creek beds are potential dangers to push mowers and riding mowers.  Tractors are capable of pulling roll behind mowers that can neatly trim these areas safely.  Steep areas like this have fewer options for regular maintenance and are a potential hazard if overgrown.  In many cases, a tractor is the only mower able to handle the job.

Even a flat yard can provide a challenge if it is big enough.  The maintenance takes longer and more care is necessary.  Tractor mowers are faster and designed to handle large landscapes with consistent quality.  They will also save you labor and time, which is valuable.

Tractor mowers are able to handle a variety of landscapes and a variety of landscape issues.  Assess your property and ask yourself if it can benefit from a good tractor mowing.  For more information contact us

What To Look For In A Deck For Your Commercial Establishment

Nothing makes a hotel more inviting that an outdoor deck specially made for your guest to enjoy. Decks can provide a nice place for your employees to take breaks, too, and they can act as a staging area for your business projects. In short, decks could make a nice addition to your place of business. However, not any old deck will do. It will have to meet certain criteria.

What To Look For In A Deck For Your Commercial Establishment

Safety First

The number one concern of any business establishment is the safety of their customers and employees. Injured employees don’t work and injured customers don’t return. So you will want your deck to be made by professionals so that the construction is sound. You will also want to include safety features such as rails and plan on wide stairs with built-in traction.

Features Specific To Your Needs

If you plan on using the deck as part of the employee break area, you will want to put it close to the other employee amenities. If it is supposed to be a feature for guests to use, you may want to build in comfortable seats for their enjoyment. If you want the new deck to be a staging area, you will want to make sure it has wide unobstructed spaces. Make a list of the needs your deck will meet before doing any planning, and make sure that the deck’s design will meet them.

Blend The Deck Into Your Landscape

Your deck should fit the land you are using. You want to take advantage of any views and natural features of the property. This will make maintaining and using the deck easier, and it will be far more attractive as a part of the whole landscape and not just a random structure coming out of nowhere. Even if you have utilitarian intentions for your deck, a pretty landscape will make work more productive and rewarding.

If your commercial establishment is considering adding a deck, be sure to contact us. We have many years of experience that will let us make the perfect deck for you.

4 Tips for Choosing a Commercial Landscape Contractor

Choosing a contractor to perform landscape construction can be a daunting task, but with some thought and planning the process can be stress-free. Let’s discuss four tips to consider when choosing a contractor for landscape construction.

4 Tips for Choosing a Commercial Landscape Contractor

1. The most important thing to do is to have a clear idea of the type of work you are looking for. Be sure to prepare a written list of your needs, wants, wishes and desires so nothing gets left out. The list will be important when interviewing contractors, as it is important all contractors have the same information.

2. Ask family and friends for recommendations for contractors. They may have hired a contractor in the past or know someone who has and will be happy to refer their choice. Check the local listings for landscape construction contractors. Look for contractors that carry the proper insurance and licensing, have a rating from the Better Business Bureau, offer the type of work you are looking for and are members in good standing with landscape and/or construction associations. Do not necessarily count out a newly organized company as long as the employees are seasoned landscape construction professionals.

3. Obtain bids from at least three contractors and request the bid in writing. The bid should include a description of the work, materials and equipment they anticipate using and hours of labor necessary to complete the work. This is where the list of needs, wants, desires and wishes come into play. In order to obtain a competitive bid, it is important the contractors are bidding on the same work.

4. It is important the commercial landscape contractor has good communication skills. They have to be able to understand what you want and be able to work with you and implement your ideas with efficiency. They also have to be able to convey their thoughts so you understand them.

If you have a landscape construction project in mind, please contact us and let our professionals help you work through the process.

Common Commercial Irrigation Systems

Each type of commercial irrigation system has its own advantages and drawbacks. Selecting an irrigation system that’s ideal for your commercial property will ensure comprehensive watering. Here’s some information on two common types of commercial irrigation systems.

Common Commercial Irrigation Systems

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation works through a network of tubing, valves, and emitters that drip water slowly and steadily in the proper location. This type of system helps to reduce water and fertilizer usage through accuracy, precision, and slow water delivery. Subsurface drip irrigation takes the watering process underground, which prevents water from evaporating from the surface. Subsurface systems also reduce the potential for weed growth and soil erosion. Professionals can install these systems in new and existing commercial landscapes, and the systems are ideal for irregularly shaped or sloped landscapes. Unfortunately, heavy sunlight exposure can damage the tubing of drip irrigation systems.

Sprinkler Irrigation

Sprinkler systems mimic natural rainfall with pressure-regulated spray heads and rotors. Head nozzles break up water into small droplets that disperse in a spray pattern. Sprinkler systems are great for covering large areas of grass on commercial landscapes. Property owners can adjust spray patterns and automate the watering process. Prominent disadvantages of sprinkler systems include uneven watering due to wind and water evaporation. When foliage is wet, fungi and disease are also more likely to appear.

Metro Lawn Care has over 34 years of experience performing commercial irrigation installations and repairs. If you still aren’t sure which system is right for you, we’ll help you find out. Please contact us to speak with an expert.

Incorporate Your Building’s Architecture Into Your Landscape

Your landscaping always has room for improvement. You can spice it up while matching the landscaping to style to your building’s architecture to really give it a unique uniform look. Here are a few ways you can make your commercial landscape stand out.

Choose Similar Materials

If you have a brick building, then choose accents such as a brick path or a brick landscape edging for your flowerbed. You can do the same with stone or concrete to give it a clean and uniform look.

Incorporate Your Building's Architecture Into Your Landscape

Choose Colors That Complement Each Other

For example, if you have burgundy trim and doors, then you can choose something like petunias that come in the same color. Another thing you can do is use colors that complement your company. For instance, if yellow is part of your brand, then you can use yellow flowers or the complementary color to yellow, which is purple. Have some flowers planted that come in unique color and watch how they pop against the exterior.


Contrast Landscaping

You can also choose to contrast your landscape with your unique style. For example, if you have an organic building that has curvy lines, you can choose shrubbery that is very boxy to play against the curvy lines of your building to add even more design to the look of the two together.

All in all, when attempting a landscape design consider your style so you can have landscaping that accents your property. Talk to a professional to start making your landscape dreams a reality.

Arbors, Pergolas, and Decks Add Beauty and Functionality

To enhance the beauty and style of your property, you may consider adding an arbor, pergola, or deck. Depending on your business, this may be the perfect enhancement to create extra customer excitement and overall design appeal.

Arbors, Pergolas, and Decks Add Beauty and Functionality

Pergolas are open-topped passageways  or seated areas created with vertical beams sustaining the weight of an open lattice of horizontal beams. It forms a shaded walkway or shaded sitting area. Here, some sun is desirable, but not full sunlight all day long. An area close to a pool might use a pergola for some relief from the sun.

A pergola may be an extension of a building or it can link two pavilions.  Free-standing pergolas allow for breeze and sun, but also protection from direct sunlight. Vines or climbing plants may be trained to climb pergolas for additional shade.

Modern pergolas can use older, traditional materials such as wood and stone, or more modern materials such as vinyl, aluminum, CPVC and fiberglass. These are a low maintenance alternatives to wood.

Arbors are smaller than pergolas and serve a different purpose. They are usually gateways from one area to another, for example, from one garden to another.  They are not designed as places for people to sit in the shade. They are simply arching constructions which have the open air look of an overhead pergola with vines or climbing plants. However, these archways are used for the primary purpose of doorways only, not larger extended shady areas. Sometimes a free-standing arbor might be used in an outdoor wedding ceremony.

A deck is the outdoor floor attached to a building. It can refer to the tile area surrounding a swimming pool. It can be an observational platform atop a tall architectural structure. It can be a rooftop deck, which allows activities upon it, rather than being a simple roof.

Contact us if you are considering building an arbor, pergola, or deck. With over 40 years of commercial landscaping experience, we can blend your current landscaping with your new pergola, arbor, or deck.

Water Management Is Intergral To Landscape Maintenance

Water Management is a necessity in North Texas, as water regulations and requirements for both business and residential customers continue to change. Unpredictable water availability experienced by water consumers, as a result of drought and flooding results in equally unpredictable oversight techniques for water conservation and utilization.

Water Management Is Intergral To Landscape Maintenance

Businesses in particular are susceptible to fluctuations in prices and fees associated with water usage on their properties. Fortunately, Dallas Water Utilities provides several free tools to mitigate business losses due to costs associated with water, particularly as a result of landscape efficiency, including:

  • Water Efficiency Rebates
  • Water Use Assessments
  • Irrigation System Check-ups

However, dependence on water utilities for adequate business water budgeting and usage efficacy must be supplemented with an internal water management protocol for best results. Some issues to be addressed include:

  • Staff education for water conservation and emergency shut-off procedures
  • Water bill monitoring
  • Regular checks of potential water waste issues, such as leaks and valves in need of repair
  • Targeted water conservation goal setting

Metro Lawn Care works hand-in-hand with water utilities to provide a variety of services to commercial, industrial and institutional customers. Decades of customer service in the Dallas area makes us uniquely qualified to professionally care for landscaping throughout the city, with a complete battery of services, including:

  • Landscape construction, design and maintenance
  • Drainage Mitigation
  • Irrigation installation and maintenance
  • Chemical solutions for fertilization, weed and insect control and soil remediation

Contact our professional team to access the most modern and advanced solutions to your water management needs. Our experts stand ready to provide a grounds maintenance quote to meet every requirement, specific to your business water utilization and landscaping concerns.

The Importance of Tree Pruning in Commercial Landscapes

The Importance of Tree Pruning in Commercial LandscapesTree pruning is just one necessary component of landscape maintenance. Appropriate tree pruning keeps trees healthy, maintains desired appearances, and can also prevent future problems from arising.

Tree Health

There are a few reasons why branches begin to die, including disease, animals, storms and insect infestation. Removing dead and dying branches helps promote positive tree growth and development. Rubbing branches and branch stumps are also health issues that need attention.

Appearance and Usefulness

For a tree to play a role in a commercial landscape, a certain appearance must be maintained. When trees are properly pruned, it is hard to notice they have been pruned in the first place! Pruning controls tree size and height, and keeps hedges like shrubby evergreens at a proper density. Vines, suckers and waterspouts not only devalue your tree’s appearance, they also steal essential nutrients from it. Regular pruning keeps these nuisances under control.

Preventative Maintenance

Pruning not only keeps the trees healthy, but is also necessary in keeping your property safe and free from dangerous obstructions. Dead branches need to be addressed to avoid creating safety hazards, especially when limbs hang over sidewalks and driveways. Trees may also need pruning before they begin to interfere with power lines and other utilities like street lamps and traffic control devices.

The best time to prune trees depends on the tree’s age, the season of the year, and any previous history of pruning. Metro Lawn Care can help evaluate your trees and provide you with the perfect combination of expertise and skill needed to keep your commercial landscape safe, healthy and attractive. Contact us today for more information on our commercial landscaping solutions.