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As a business owner, you want your building to look its best every day and nothing is quite as important and long-lasting as proper tree care. For many business owners, tree pruning is one of those tasks that simply falls by the wayside, but at Metro Lawn Care, we know that nothing helps keep your trees looking their best like proper trimming and pruning. Contrary to popular belief, there’s no better time to prune your trees than winter. Here are a few reasons winter is the best time to trim back those limbs:

5 Reasons to Schedule Tree Pruning in the Winter

  • Trees Aren’t Actively Growing: For most species, winter is the dormant season, meaning the tree is not producing new growth. This means your arborist or landscaping company will be able to shape the tree to encourage proper growth during the spring without combating rapid new growth common during the warmer months.
  • Fewer Insects: When you prune a tree, the interior of the branch is exposed both to the elements and to insects. Since most insects are dormant during the winter months, there’s less risk of an infestation taking root in your tree.
  • Easier to See the Condition of the Tree: Without all the foliage and new growth spring brings, your landscaping team will be able to more accurately assess the needs of your trees. This makes the pruning more efficient and more effective, setting your landscaping up for a successful growing season when the weather warms up.
  • Gets Rid of Damaged Limbs: While the Dallas-Fort Worth area doesn’t often see snow, it does see some heavy winds and freezing rain during the winter. Pruning your trees gives your landscaping team a chance to get rid of damaged, cracked, or loose limbs, reducing the chance of a wayward limb falling on a parked car or injuring an employee.
  • Convenient: When spring settles in, you’ll have a lot of landscaping tasks that need to get taken care of to ensure a healthy growing season. By pruning in the winter, you’re checking one of those tasks off the proverbial to-do list. Best of all, the colder ground makes it easier to get cherry pickers, ladders, and other equipment to the tree without damaging the grass or trampling your flowerbeds.

Don’t put off your tree pruning until spring or summer. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and prepare your landscaping for a beautiful growing season.