Fertilization Programs And Successful Lawn Care

Many businesses desire a lush, green lawn.  A great looking landscape is the result of proper maintenance and knowledge of grass nutrient needs.  Fertilization programs are essential in developing flourishing grass coverage and a strong root system that fortifies itself year after year.  Creating a program that fits your lawn involves many factors.  The landscape professionals of Metro Lawn Care are knowledgeable and experienced in developing fertilization schedules to fit the unique needs of their client’s lawns.

Fertilization programs and successful lawn care

There are many different types of grasses that grow in the Dallas metro area.  These grass types include Bermuda, St. Augustine, Fescue, and many others.  Each variation is unique and has different growth habits, and different needs.  One type of grass will require more potassium while another will require more nitrogen.  Soil analysis is another important factor in lawn care.  A lawn rich with clay will require limestone to make the soil more useful to plants, and extra schedules of aeration.  There are other elements to your lawn that affect its long-term health and growth.  Shady areas, wind barriers, and steep inclines are all spots that require special attention.

Fertilization programs take all of the applicable factors into consideration and develop a system for maintaining a thriving, green lawn.  Attending to your yards nutrient needs will ensure that your grass will grow strong and stand up to the searing Texas summer heat, and endure the winter months.  Regular maintenance and feeding will develop the beautiful green look you’ve been waiting for.  To learn more  contact us

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