Apply A Quality Fertilization Program To Your Commercial Landscape

Businesses strive to present their best appearance, and their landscape plans are a big part of that endeavor. The key to this is keeping the plants on your property properly fed. There are a few reasons why you should entrust that job to a company that has a quality fertilization program.

Apply A Quality Fertilization Program To Your Commercial Landscape

Ensure Your Lawn Looks Good

Plants, like people, require a good diet to look their best. Your plants need the three macronutrients, nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. Otherwise, the leaves will yellow, curl and develop brown spots. A helping of iron and a few other micronutrients are also necessary to keep them a lush green. On the other hand, overfeeding them can cause the leaves to yellow and the tips to brown. None of this looks professional or attractive around your business. Experts can make sure that the plants in your landscape get the right amounts of nutrients to make it look beautiful.

Provide For Your Landscape With A Minimum Of Waste

Experts can offer deep root feeding, which is a method that will direct fertilizer, air, and water straight to where the roots are, maximizing their effectiveness and encouraging the roots to grow down instead of towards driveways. They also have soil, pH and foliage tests available to them that will pinpoint exactly what your plants and lawn need.

Prevents Annoying And Unsightly Insect Infestations

Malnourished and overnourished trees and lawns attract insects, which annoy your employees and customers. You can get rid of the bugs, but it is better to simply avoid them by keeping the plants healthy and capable of discouraging predatory insects. A good landscaping company will include insect control with their fertilization program.

A Wide Expertise With Various Fertilizers

Fertilizing a landscape comes with many steps, and a company that has its own program for your property will perform each one thoroughly. Consider: A landscaping company will have access to high-quality fertilizers in both liquid and dry form, train the employees specifically on how to use each type of fertilizer safely and with maximum efficiency and care for the equipment used to broadcast it so that the equipment is always in peak condition. Let the other company handle these steps and you can focus on your area of expertise.

If you think your commercial landscape would benefit from Metro Lawn Care’s fertilization program, contact us.

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