3 Important Winter Lawn Care Tips

While caring for your lawn during the spring and summer months is very important, it is also just as important that you take the time to care for your lawn during the winter months as well. This ensures that your lawn will remain healthy while it is dormant and will return to normal in the spring. Here are three important tips for winter lawn care.

 3 Important Winter Lawn Care Tips

Aerate And Fertilize Before Winter Sets In

Before the first winter frost, it is a good idea to take the time both aerate and fertilize your lawn. This helps to get your lawn as healthy as possible before it goes dormant for the winter. Aeration helps to give your lawn oxygen and also helps with compaction and fertilizer gives your lawn the nutrients that it needs to survive throughout the winter.

Remove Leaves From Your Lawn

As fall sets in, you will notice that more and more leaves are beginning to fall onto your lawn. As this happens, it is very important that you take the time to remove these leaves from your grass. Leaving them on your grass can smother your grass, which can cause it to die. The leaves also allow diseases to grow and can even create the perfect environment for insects to thrive.

Minimize Foot Traffic

While your lawn is dormant, it is a good idea to avoid walking on your lawn if at all possible. Walking on your dormant grass, especially if there is snow on top of it, can cause it to become damaged and can make it difficult to recover in the spring. This also compacts the snow on the grass, which can cause issues with mold and disease.

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