Signs Your Irrigation System Needs Updating

Your business relies on looking pulled together and beautiful to attract customers and convince them to trust you. Part of having this pulled-together look means having a well-watered landscape, and that means installing a functioning irrigation system. However, there are times when your system develops problems and will need fixing, which will be made obvious by a few signs.

Signs Your Irrigation System Needs Updating

Brown Spots

There are many reasons why your business’s lawn is going brown in places, but the most common reason is that your sprinkler system doesn’t reach all of your grass. This may be because one of your sprinklers has stopped sprinkling, or it could be that the water pressure has dropped, reducing the reach of the spray. It might also be that you have added greenery to your landscape without checking if your irrigation system can accommodate it. Any of these situations can be resolved by a professional.

Swampy, Extra Green Spots

Many business owners run their sprinklers at night. It’s more convenient for the business and ensures that your lawn doesn’t lose water to evaporation. However, that means that if one of your sprinkler heads has been knocked off and is now squirting water straight up in the air, the business owner is unaware of it until the area around the damaged sprinkler is soaked far more than the rest of the lawn.

You might also be unaware of a pipe that has started leaking, causing water to drench one spot. A problem that is a little easier to spot is a dip in the landscape that causes water runoff to collect in the ditch. This excessive soaking can encourage fungus to grow there, and it will create a permanent mud puddle for your customers and employees to walk around. A landscape management expert will not only be able to fix the leaking pipe, but redesign the landscape so that it drains properly.

Skyrocketing Water Bills

A haywire sprinkler system will waste water like it’s free. With so much pumping out, your utility company will be obliged to charge your company considerably more than it normally does. When you see a spike in how much you pay for water and you don’t have a good explanation, it is probably time to call in an irrigation expert.

Sunken Turf

All that extra water under the ground will erode your soil, causing holes to open up in your lawn. This could come from a leaking pipe or a broken valve, or it could come from a constant, but hidden, drip. Either way, it is time to repair your irrigation system.

If any of these situations fit your business, you could need our landscape management team to fix your irrigation system. We have more than 34 years of in the business and plenty of expertise in keeping irrigation systems running smoothly. Please contact us for more information.

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