Some Landscaping Programs That You Should Consider

The best way to protect and maintain the health and the beauty of your landscaping is to keep it properly serviced. There are a few different services that you should look upon in order to correctly achieve this. Check out some landscaping programs that you should consider.

commercial landscaping programs

Broadcast Fertilization 

Broadcast fertilization allows you to easily fertilize a large area. High capacity fertilizer spreaders are used to either spray liquid fertilizer or spin dry fertilizer on the surface of a large area. This method is both fast and economical.

Deep Root Fertilization

Deep root fertilization is a process where you can have the deep roots of your plants fertilized by sticking a pipe down into the soil that squirts fertilizer into the ground in order to reach even the deepest roots. This service is the best way to ensure that your plants are fully fertilized.

Aeration Services 

Aerating your lawn will help it to breathe. It will eliminate thatch buildup and soil compaction. Think of your lawn as suffocating, and aeration will help it breathe and find much needed nutrients.

Weed Control 

Weed control is necessary for obvious reasons. Weed control services are available for turfs, landscape beds, and hardscape areas. This service will eliminate and stop weeds from growing.

Insect Control 

On top of weeds growing, you also have to worry about insects taking over your precious landscaping. Insect applications are the best way to protect things. There are a few ways that this can be done, including tree injections. You can also have fire ants taken care of as well.

Disease Control 

You can also control diseases or nutrient deficiencies with tree injections. In addition to this, consider soil, PH, foliage, and disease pathogen testing, all of which will help to prevent and control diseases from taking over your landscaping.

All of these services and more can be found here at Metro Lawn Care. Please contact us today.

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