Summer Shade Can Increase Business

Dallas Texas is already seeing temperatures above 70 degrees and humidity above 80%. As the temperatures and humidity continues through the summer months, customers coming to your business will be seeking some shade. If you have enough green space to provide that needed shade, we would like to talk with you about creating a pergola on your business property.

Summer Shade Can Increase Business

Reason #1: Customers like to be part of a business that cares about its employees. A pergola on the property with a few benches gives employees a place to enjoy the outdoors while eating lunch or on a short break. The employees are happier with the opportunity to be outside and that happiness is translated to how customers are treated. So, creating a shady place for employees to take a break creates happier customers and is also a place customers can stop and rest in the shade.

Reason #2: A pergola adds dimension to your business so it isn’t just a building with bushes and grass. Creating a dimensional look causes people to look longer at your business and invites them in to your business. A pergola should also blend in with your business and landscape, adding to the beauty of your business and letting customers know you care about how your business looks. For customers, that means you care about all aspects of your business, including them.

Reason #3: A pergola can add value to your business since it is an additional structure. If there is a time you decide to sell your business, the pergola might be the reason someone purchases your business over another.

As you can see, there are many reasons to put a pergola on your property. However, you do not want to purchase one that looks cheap and like you just stuck it in the ground. To gain all the benefits of a pergola, contact us the professionals and let us help you determine where to put the pergola and the type of pergola that will look great on your property.

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