5 Landscaping Tips For Dallas Property Managers

One of the responsibilities commercial property managers face is maintaining the landscape. It’s vital to keep the landscape in good condition. A poorly-maintained landscape leaves a negative impression of a property. The following tips for better landscaping will help Dallas property managers keep their properties looking their best.

5 Landscaping Tips For Dallas Property Managers

Incorporate Hardscaping Into the Design

Hardscaping refers to man-made components of a landscape design, such as walkways, patios, and pergolas. Adding hardscape features reduces the size of your lawn—and the time spent on lawn maintenance—while boosting the curb appeal of your commercial property.

Ensure Proper Drainage

A good drainage system is critical for your landscape, especially if your property is in a flood-prone area. One option is to install a stone swale. A swale is a shallow trench that follows the natural contours of your landscape and directs water away from your building. Another solution is a French drain system—a gravel-lined ditch that funnels water into an embedded pipe.

Fertilize Regularly

Fertilization is essential to keep your plants healthy. Undernourished plants are susceptible to disease. Keeping your plants fertilized ensures they will receive all the nutrients they need to stay healthy and strong.

Install an Irrigation System

Consistent watering is a critical part of maintaining your lawn. Installing an automatic irrigation system will make watering your lawn quick and easy. You’ll save time and save water while ensuring your landscape looks its best.

Maintain Sidewalks and Walkways

Any commercial landscape maintenance needs to include keeping the property clean and safe. Inspect all sidewalks, walkways, and patios for cracks and other signs of damage, and make any necessary repairs. Ensure that all paths are free of litter, debris, or fallen tree limbs.

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