Top 5 Pruning Mistakes You Should Avoid

Pruning is a valuable exercise that enhances the growth of plants. The process involves the removal of some tree branches and other parts of a tree that could be overgrown, damaged, or diseased. Tree pruning involves different pruning techniques such as thinning, reduction, cleaning, and basic cuts. However, there are common mistakes that people often make during pruning. Below are five pruning mistakes that you should avoid.

Top 5 Pruning Mistakes You Should Avoid

Over Pruning

It is advisable to prune no more than 10% of a tree. That is because excessive pruning of branches may eventually weaken your trees. Over pruning the branches, thus cause trees to be weak and damaged.

Topping Trees

Topping is one of the most common mistakes of pruning, whereby the topmost part of a tree is cut. Topping a tree not only weakens a tree but also causes the tree to be bushy and have uneven growth. It is best to prune small parts of the branches.

Improper Cutting

Pruning is not just about cutting portions of the trees anyhow. It calls for precision and expertise. Cutting way too far from the trunk of the tree or a stub may damage the tree. Improper cutting may also cause decay of the tree and thus lead to the death of the tree.

Poor Timing

It is essential to understand the best time and season for pruning to prevent the tree from drying out. You may invite a professional to assess the time for pruning.

Flush Cuts

The process involves cutting the branches close to the trunk of a tree. That causes damage to the tree as the removal of the branch collar reduces the natural boundary protection of the tree. Leaving the collar in place will help in the growth of the tree.

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