Why Your Commercial Property’s Poor Drainage Is a Serious Matter

After heavy rainfall, you’ve noticed water stands more than 24 hours on your commercial property. The other day an employee pointed out exposed tree roots. Recently, your customers have begun complaining about the presence of mosquitoes. Perhaps you’re not aware that these are signs of poor drainage. When excess water remains on your commercial property, you have a serious issue that needs to be addressed promptly.

Why Your Commercial Property's Poor Drainage Is a Serious Matter

Poor Drainage Can Cause Costly Damage

Initially, poor drainage harms your landscaping. Plant roots can become exposed. Other plants may yellow or even die because their roots have rotted from the excess water. However, ruined landscaping isn’t the biggest problem that poor drainage causes.

Left unaddressed, poor drainage can cause much more expensive problems to deal with. Eventually, foundation cracks develop and water intrudes into the building. Patching building leaks doesn’t deal with the real problem. Until the drainage issue is handled, water will continue to find its water into your building. In extreme cases, poor drainage has been ignored long enough for a major foundation shift to occur.

Commercial Drainage Solutions Are the Answer

At Metro Lawn Care, we have many years of experience helping commercial property owners find the right commercial drainage solution. We perform a thorough inspection to offer you the most appropriate solutions for your unique property. Sometimes, older buildings were constructed before building codes required properties to be graded for water to drain away from the building. In those cases, we may suggest improving the grade to get water to drain in the proper direction. Burying a French drain to carry water away is a solution many property owners like because it’s not visible to their visitors. We have many other solutions depending on the needs of your property

Metro Lawn Care has been serving the Dallas community for over four decades. If your property has drainage issues, we’re available to help. Contact us today.

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