Don’t Let Rain Shut Your Doors: Commercial Drainage Solutions

In January of 2018, Dallas received 0.85 inches of rainfall and in January of 2019, 1.58 inches of rainfall. As with most of the United States, this winter season is wetter than usual and spring promises to include more rain. The last thing you want is to temporarily put a “Closed” sign on your door due to water in your building or water around your building making it impossible for customers to enter. Be proactive, contact us, and let us help you design custom drainage that will keep water out of your building and away from customer parking and walkways.

Don't Let Rain Shut Your Doors: Commercial Drainage Solutions

Some of our options can include inspecting how and where the water drains off your roof. We can figure out where to relocate the downspout drainage by adding extensions and even burying those extensions so they water key areas of your landscaping without creating drainage problems.

We will inspect all areas of landscaping around your building and suggest plants that will help keep water off sidewalks and at the same time not damage the foundation of your building. We might suggest creating a better slope of rock or dirt so water runs away from your building instead of toward your building. At the same time we can talk what type of surface creates a professional and polished look that catches the eye of potential customers and invites them into your building.

We will look closely at your parking area because you don’t want potential customers driving away due to puddles of water. We can work with slopes of the parking lot and create key areas for plants that will absorb the water and add to the aesthetics of your company.

As we are experiencing winter rains and spring rains are coming, take a few minutes to contact us and let us help you keep that “Closed” sign off your door by creating drainage solutions that also contribute to the aesthetic quality of your business.

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