Modern Landscaping for your Business Space

Modern design is rising in popularity, anywhere it can be seen. With good use of space, aesthetically appealing design, and a contemporary feel -landscaping is also following suit.

Modern Landscaping for your Business SpaceIn the big picture of modernism, features like sharp lines, clean edges, symmetry, and minimalism are used. It may seem odd to place something as wild and free as nature into these categories. Yet, with the right designs and execution, modern landscaping is stunning.

Places like commercial areas, offices, shopping centers, and overall architectural design are moving in this direction. Landscaping alongside these structures can be achieved with a few key factors being used. Read to see what elements modern landscaping includes to see if it’s a good fit for your space:

The elements of modern landscaping 

1. Material

Modern landscaping uses fewer materials used to create the look or design. A good example is the use of concrete. It provides a very neutral tone and a clean look. Concrete can be used for walkways and structures but also works well for flower beds and planters. Woods and metals are then used for accent looks and added design. Modern landscaping bypasses brightly colored planters or mixing of materials and plastics.

2. Symmetrical forms

Symmetry plays a primary role in landscaping and applies to many parts of the appearance. An example would be the same number of trees on each side of a walkway, evenly spaced, or the same planter with the same potted plants on each side of a front door. It may sound a bit monotonous but it adds to a sense of equal-ness and balance seen in the more modern look.

3. Clean Design

There is definitely a certain design element when creating modern landscaping. This will include elements like sharp angles, geometric designs, open spaces, and an uncluttered look. These design choices can be used for the planters used, how far apart the plants are placed, keeping areas well-kept, and plants trimmed.

4. Plants

The plants used in modern landscaping can still vary. Considering things like the local weather, where the plants are located on the property, their needs, and of course personal tastes. Working to achieve the modern look though, you can include plants that are straighter or narrowed, versus plants that grow outwards or wildly. Plants that are more natural in color will likely fit in more and also including plants in pairs or symmetrically placed. Having some variety can absolutely be used, and paired with the other elements of modern landscaping will help achieve the modern design.

Upgraded modern landscaping is sure to look amazing in your commercial space, let Metro Lawn Care make it happen by contacting us today.

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