Top 3 Tree Pruning Mistakes to Avoid This Year

Tree pruning and maintenance on any commercial property can seem like a massive undertaking. But did you know that it is best to entrust professionals with this task? Even if you are only dealing with smaller trees at the moment, making a mistake now can have far-reaching consequences.

Top 3 Tree Pruning Mistakes to Avoid This Year

Common Tree Pruning Mistakes

Entrusting your company’s maintenance department with the pruning can result in a number of common mistakes.

  1. Cutting into the tree’s trunk. This mistake can open the door to insect damage and rot.
  2. Lion-tailing the crown. A shapely crown looks great on a larger tree. But cut the wrong branches, and you may end up with gaps in the tree’s canopy. If one of the trunks fails, you have a large open space that makes the entire tree look lopsided.
  3. Cutting too much. Did you know that it is best to prune only about 10 to 15 percent of a tree at any one time? If you cut more, the tree may go into shock. In some cases, it will not recover.

Enlisting the Help of Experts for Commercial Landscape Needs

There are additional pitfalls to avoid when it comes to pruning trees. They range from selecting the right window of opportunity for pruning to preventing the development of bush crowns. Experts in the field will help you keep your commercial property and its landscaping look neat, attractive, and inviting.

Services for trees include removal, trimming and pruning, pest diagnosis as well as treatment. Add this setup to your other landscape services. A complete package can significantly boost the curb appeal of malls, office building, and other venues. Contact us today to learn more.

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