3 Tips That Will Reduce Your Business’s Water Use

Keeping your lawn looking verdant is part of making your commercial property, and, by association, your business attractive. This requires a lot of water, but it doesn’t have to use an excessive amount. There are a couple of ways to irrigate your lawn so that it stays emerald green but doesn’t drain a small lake every month.

3 Tips That Will Reduce Your Business's Water Use

Revamp Your Irrigation System

Modern sprinklers work with a host of gadgets that can help make your irrigation system very efficient. There are timers that you can program to turn the sprinklers on when you want them to. There are sensors and monitors that let you know how much water you are using. There are gadgets that let you program sprinklers to not water when the lawn is already soaked from the rain.

You can also design your irrigation system so that you get the most out of them. Are the sprinkler heads positioned so that you water all of the lawn and none of the sidewalk? Is the landscape designed so that water doesn’t run down to the nearest drain? Designing the system for maximum efficiency will cut down on the amount of water you need to keep your landscape looking beautiful.

Time Your Watering

When you water your lawn effects how much water you need. Try programming your sprinkler system to go off early in the morning or late at night so that water has time to sink into the ground and reach the roots. Watering during the middle of the day leads to the water evaporating before it has time to do its job.

If water tends to pool and run to your sidewalk when you give your lawn a thorough soaking, it may be a good idea to break up watering sessions into shorter periods. For instance, you might water the lawn for 7 minutes at 3 am and then for another 7 minutes at 8 pm on the same day. This will stop water from saturating the top layer of soil and sending the excess to the streets.

Keep The Pipes In Good Repair

A leak in the sprinkler system can cost a lot of money and deprive chunks of your lawn of water. There are a couple of types of leaks you might notice: a sprinkler may dump water on the sidewalk for a few minutes after the system is turned off, or a sprinkler might continuously leak, leaving the sidewalk around it mossy and the dirt around it spongy. Either way, a leaking sprinkler head can cost you up to an additional 225 gallons of water during a 15-minute watering session. Have your pipes regularly inspected and have leaks fixed as quickly as possible.

Following the above tips will reduce your water use. If you want more help managing your water, Metro Lawn Care has water management programs that we will happily make available to you.

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