Commercial Lawn Aeration & Maintenance 

Lawn aeration is mainly about giving the grass in your landscape something all living things need: air, but it also improves access to water and nutrients. As with most things to do with commercial lawn maintenance, there are multiple ways to handle your lawn aeration.

Commercial Lawn Aeration & Maintenance

Lawn aeration is used to remedy soil compaction. Compacted soil is the bane of commercial property owners who want healthy grass in their landscapes. When heavy clay soils get pressed down, spaces between the soil particles by which air and nutrients get to the roots are reduced. The grass can get dehydrated and die. Another result of compacted soil can be thatch, which is a combination of living and dead grass that can build up and form a barrier between grass and soil. Thatch can be a breeding place for pests and can harbor diseases that will kill your grass. Aeration is a way to combat thatch and compaction.

The three main ways to aerate a lawn are:

  • Core Aeration 

Core aeration creates pores in the soil by removing plugs of dirt every few inches. The plugs are removed using hollow spikes. Core aeration is believed to be a far more effective method of lawn aeration when compared to other methods.

  • Tine or Spike Aeration 

The use of spikes or tines to poke holes in the soil under a lawn can also help aerate a lawn. The difference between tine aeration and core aeration is that the spikes force the soil down instead of removing it. The openings are smaller and therefore it is not quite as effective for heavily compacted soil as core aeration. Tine aeration is better reserved for lightly compacted soil.

  • Slice or Slit Aeration 

Slice aeration accomplishes the same thing as core or tine aeration but instead of removing plugs or poking holes, it involves making slices to loosen up the soil. The downside is that it can compact on either side of the slice.

Which of the above methods you choose depends on the amount of traffic that the lawn will see.

A healthy lawn is an asset to your commercial property and can enhance its value. If you want to learn more about lawn care and other commercial landscaping services, contact us at Metro Lawn Care. We have been serving the Dallas area for more than 34 years.

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