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How to choose a Commercial Irrigation Company

You have the commercial property now, you have a great landscape, but one thing you didn’t account for is water management for it. There are several key factors you will want to look for when shopping for a professional to do this job because you want someone who knows what they’re doing:

How to choose a Commercial Irrigation Company

  • Living in a drier climate, a water management company should hold water preservation in high regard. The company you choose should not only have knowledge of drought water regulations and processes, how to put runoff water to the best use economically, but also have other ideas how to collect the rainwater when it does rain so that runoff water occurs – instead of a swamp.
  • A company that will get the job done on a schedule and accomplishes the job set forth. You always want to find a company that will do their best to accommodate your wishes, while still balancing out regulations in the area.
  • A water management company that focuses mainly or only on commercial property is ideal – they will understand the importance of keeping a neat appearance for customers, how important it is for a commercial property to have concerns regarding water management, and the company will have a better grasp of city ordinances and state regulations regarding water management for commercial properties. This is one thing that is best left to the professionals!
  • Companies that service commercial properties will also have lower prices and a larger selection of products, ranging from irrigation systems, aerators, diverters, rain sensors, sprayers, and so many more products.

When it comes to commercial property water management, this is a job best left to professionals rather than individual or residential companies. For more information regarding this, contact us.

Commercial Landscaping: 3 Lawn Care Myths Busted

Taking care of a commercial lawn seems pretty simple. Put down some pre-season food, cut it at regular intervals, and otherwise forget about it. However, we’ve internalized a lot of myths when it comes to lawn care. So, before you get ready to step out into the landscaping world, make sure you’re armed with the facts.

Commercial Landscaping: 3 Lawn Care Myths Busted

3 Lawn Care Myths Busted

Myth #1: Shorter Lawns Are Less Work

The logic seems pretty sound. If you lower the deck and cut the grass shorter, then it will take longer to grow up to the level it becomes a problem. While that might be true in some ways, according to Total Landscape Care, cutting the grass too short is a genuine problem. It can lead to exposing the root systems for the grass, and it will allow weeds and other unwanteds to get more sunlight. Let the lawn be lush because it really does cause fewer issues.

Myth #2: The Hose Is More Efficient Than A Sprinkler System

Watering the lawn with a hose might take a lot of water, but there’s no way it uses as much water as a sprinkler system. While that might have been true once upon a time, modern irrigation systems are actually really efficient. And since you can set the timer, the lawn gets a steady stream of hydration instead of whenever you remember to break out the hose. Overall, if you’ve been considering a sprinkler system, it’s a pretty good investment.

Myth #3: Clover Is A Lawn Killer

Clover is seen by some as a menace, stalking and killing the grass in order to claim its own territory. As Gilmour points out, though, this is a fairly recent change. Up until 1950 clover was just a part of the lawn. While it might be a weed in the technical sense, clover is tough, grows in shady spots, and prevents more harmful weeds from taking root. So, really, it’s best to just let it be instead of tearing the lawn apart to get rid of it.

It can be hard keeping track of what is, and isn’t, good for the lawn. So why not share the load, and let the landscaping professionals handle all of the commercial landscaping? Simply contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Is It Time To Repair Your Irrigation System?

Here in Texas, water is a precious commodity, and wasting it is bad for business. You need your irrigation system to be working at its most efficient. This requires updating and repairing your irrigation system sometimes. How can you tell it might be time for an upgrade?

Is It Time To Repair Your Irrigation System?

Bare SpotsSome types of irrigation miss patches of lawn, which shows up on commercial landscapes as spotty coloring. These brown areas look unprofessional, and they could indicate that a particular water outlet is blocked. It may be that you have changed the landscape in a way that puts plants in front of spigots, or that your particular system has a blind spot. Either way, they are a sign that you need to talk to your landscaper.

Some types of irrigation miss patches of lawn, which shows up on commercial landscapes as spotty coloring. These brown areas look unprofessional, and they could indicate that a particular water outlet is blocked. It may be that you have changed the landscape in a way that puts plants in front of spigots, or that your particular system has a blind spot. Either way, they are a sign that you need to talk to your landscaper.

Wet Spots

Irrigation systems can also overwater some areas. The soggy patches invite bugs and root rot besides showing water wastage. It’s possible that a pipe broke near the swampy area and is leaking directly in to the ground. A spot that is wet long after it has rained could also be at a lower level than the rest of the area, leading water to collect there. You can put in more efficient drainage to prevent this.

Water Meter Spikes

If your meter is suddenly registering more water usage and your water bill is higher than usual, a pipe is draining your hard-earned water somewhere. This can be the first sign that something is wrong if your grounds drain well.

If your meter is suddenly registering more water usage and your water bill is higher than usual, a pipe is draining your hard-earned water somewhere. This can be the first sign that something is wrong if your grounds drain well.


When water overflows its designated area, it pushes dirt out of its path. This shapes the grounds around it. It will create holes under drains and canyons heading to lower ground. This could be a sign that it is time to update your irrigation system in general, as it will show you exactly where the extra water is going.

A broken pipe can also push dirt or mulch into a fan pattern on the sidewalk in front of your establishment. Your employees may complain about having to sweep up after watering.

Low-Water Pressure

Your irrigation system should produce water at the same rate everywhere. If you turn on your watering system and notice that one sprinkler head is not shooting water as far as the others, then you could have a leak in the pipes nearest that point.

Fortunately, Metro Lawn Care has 34 years of experience in fixing up and updating commercial irrigation systems, so please contact us if you think you see your landscape suffering.

Commercial Irrigation Products That Conserve Water and Save Money

Water conservation is both a smart financial decision and a healthy choice for the environment, particularly during those hot Texas summers. Several products are available for use in commercial irrigation systems to reduce the amount of water and money spent keeping your crops irrigated.

Commercial Irrigation Products That Conserve Water and Save Money

Rain Sensors

Installing rain sensors will prevent your irrigation system from operating during and immediately after precipitation has occurred. This not only saves water but also saves your crops from the potentially devastating effects of excessive watering.

Smart Controllers

Smart Controllers allow the operator to set specific guidelines for different irrigation areas. This limits water usage based on the types of plants, exposure to the sun, humidity, and soil conditions in a particular section.

Rotator Nozzles

When compared to fixed spray heads, rotator nozzles conserve a great deal of water. These nozzles distribute the water in a uniform way that allows the precipitation to better penetrate the ground. Rotator nozzles offer a lower flow rate than fixed spray heads and the improved soil penetration results in less water runoff.

Check Valves

Adding check valves to your irrigation system will prevent water from draining in sloped areas. The valves close and capture the water remaining in the deactivated system so it does not escape through pipes and spray heads.

Our professional commercial landscaping team at Metro Lawn Care would be happy to discuss more water conservation products with you. Contact us today to find out what we can do to help you meet all of your commercial irrigation needs.

The Value of Commercial Landscape Construction Planning

Metro Lawn Care is familiar with the various aspects of commercial landscape construction. They understand that you have a reputation to uphold, and your customers have specific expectations. Detailed planning allows you to make use of your outdoor space while presenting a professional image.

The Value of Commercial Landscape Construction Planning

Stylish walkways and pathways allow you to optimize access to the campuses and buildings. These entrance points are your first opportunity to present the company, business, or school in a good light. Manicured lawns and healthy, strong foliage tell your visitors that you have an eye for detail. This is important to your prospective customers.

A professionally planned landscape invites your clientele in for a closer look. It supports your company’s ideals and offers a moment of relaxation to busy people. Clipped bushes and trimmed hedges offer privacy without feeling claustrophobic for quick meetings or a relaxing lunch. Maintained lawns show your neighbors and friends you are committed to supporting your community and neighbors.

The right landscape can increase your usable space without stressing a tight budget. A couple of patios with tables and benches encourage a relaxing impromptu meeting or business luncheon. Adding a logo to the walkway, bench, or table also creates a subtle, silent advertising moment. You never know who is going to visit your business. Beautiful landscaping creates the right impression at the right moment.

Landscape planning can result in a variety of benefits for your business and your employees. It enhances the appearance of the neighborhood while attracting clients. Busy staff members have space to unwind and relax. Professionally cared for lawns and properties create a spot of color and style in a busy location that makes your business memorable.

Contact Metro Lawn Care to discuss the various options available for your landscape and create a professional setting you, your employees and your customers can enjoy.

Achieving a Gorgeous Commercial Landscape Design

Landscaping elements are truly a valuable asset to any commercial property and are very often underestimated. They can significantly benefit employees and clients by having a positive impact on their experiences. And perhaps the best part of this is that you don’t have to go crazy in order to really create a gorgeous commercial landscape design. Let’s discuss a few simple ways to achieve this.

Achieving a Gorgeous Commercial Landscape Design

Welcoming Entrance 

You will want the entrance of your establishment as welcoming and obvious as possible. Make sure that you are consistent with the architecture to make the entrance apparent and inviting. A great trick is to add low and bright colors to kind of define things while making them look great at the same time. You can do this with flowers, brightly colored grasses, and just about anything that will easily catch the eye. This will give people an immediate pleasant experience upon arrival.

Focal Point 

In addition to a welcoming entrance, you will want the main part of your property to have a strong visual appeal. The idea is to create something that people can identify with and something that will leave a lasting positive impression on them. You want people to be drawn to your establishment. Tidy landscaping tends to give people a sense of confidence in whatever it is that you are selling or marketing.


It’s a good idea to keep your landscaping up to date with the current season. You can do this by showcasing certain plants that coincide with the changing seasons. For example, vibrant fall colors, evergreen trees, or planted annuals.

Contact us today at Metro Lawn Care for more information on how we can help you create a gorgeous commercial landscape design.

Three Benefits of Commercial Property Landscaping Updates

If you are a commercial property owner, the one thing you shouldn’t forgo when it comes to your budget is commercial landscaping. Here are three reasons you should maintain your commercial landscaping, even if this adds an additional expense to your overall budget.Three Benefits of Commercial Property Landscaping Updates

1. Neighborhood Consistency

Much like the interior of commercial properties, there are also trends when it comes to commercial landscaping looks. If neighboring properties are well taken care of and have landscaping schemes that match trends and the area, it is worth it to follow suit and get your property up-to-speed. There might even be local requirements for properties to be well maintained on the exterior, and continued landscaping updates will help.

2. Making Your Property More Valuable

Along the same lines of getting your commercial property looking consistent with other spaces nearby, this can also be a benefit when it comes to looking for tenants for your properties. If you do sell down the line, commercial landscaping can up your curb appeal and might actually increase your property value over time.

3. Saving on Water Costs

If you have a sprinkler or watering systems in currently in place, your landscaping might be overdue for an overhaul that will actually save you money. By switching your commercial landscaping to a more drought resistant set up or having your watering systems reviewed to save on water usage overall, you might actually save money in the long run.

Landscaping should be incorporated as a general expense when it comes to your commercial properties since the benefits can make your space more viable and can actually save you money in the long run. If you are a commercial property owner looking for the best landscaping options for your specific space, contact us to get your landscaping need assessed.

Tractor Mowing and Pasture Management

Tractor mowing may bring to mind farms: a big machine pulling up hay and leaving a swath of short grass in its wake. That is not the only place for tractor mowing, however. Commercial properties can benefit from it in their landscapes, too. It gives you three advantages.

Tractor Mowing and Pasture Management

  1. Speed – Commercial establishments tend to have wide acres of pasture (as opposed to suburban homes which tend to have little yards.) It can take quite a while to mow all of a business’s property, especially if you are trying to do it right. Using a tractor makes sure that your mowing company can do a thorough job without being underfoot all day. Additionally, tractor mowers frequently come with attachments that let landscapers multitask. They can mulch and fertilize just as quickly as they can mow.
  2. Handles Hilly And Steep Terrain Well – It takes a lot of power to get up a steep hill especially if your equipment is undersized. Controlling the speed of the mower when going down the hill also takes a lot of power. A mower can slip and tilt in the fight to move up inclines. Tractor mowers have the muscle to handle difficult terrain, and this means that the mowing remains even in the face of hilly landscapes.
  3. Handles Thick Weed Patches and Brush – Did you just buy the campus from an owner that let the lawn go to seed? Has the brush gotten a bit out of hand since the last time you had professional landscapers in? Tractor mowing clears weed patches and woody plants quickly and easily. Tractor mowers have extremely efficient blades that cut grass and make mulch out of most types of plant matter. It slices down tall grass without a thought, too.

Metro Lawn Care does a lot of tractor mowing in the Dallas area, and our expert care can make your business’s big lawn prosper. If you are interested in our mowing or other services, contact us.

Take advantage of Tree Pruning for your Business

Did you know tree pruning was so important? Call us and we’ll help you to take advantage of it for your place of business. Here are six tips to help you do so.

Take advantage of Tree Pruning for your Business

Tree Limbs

It doesn’t matter whether certain trees are ornamental or not; pruning low hanging or other unsightly limbs can help the tree grow thicker in that vicinity.

Thick Branches

Thicker trees can provide more of a barrier to blowing wind or rain.


Trees that have been pruned earlier will provide a larger quantity of colorful blooms at their proper time. This is due to the fact that there will be more limbs available.

Full Trees

Trees that have more branches, due to pruning, will produce more oxygen for us to breathe, so pruning actually allows each of us to do our part in being kind to the earth and the creatures in it. Trees that have been pruned just look better and well taken care of.

Damage to property such as buildings, vehicles or other things can be easily prevented with regularly scheduled pruning your trees. A very common example is the Bradford Pear tree. It does indeed look great as a landscaping ornamental tree, but it does possess at least one undesirable characteristic. It does tend to, when young, sprout a larger quantity of branches that branch off from the tree’s trunk directly. You may be thinking, wait a minute, I thought I just read that more branches are better. A problem exists when too many limbs originate from the trunk itself. It may not cause any issues when the limbs are young and short, but watch out! If these are left on their own to grow, the least strong gust of wind could send a limb splintering off the trunk!

To talk more about this, or anything else, please contact us!

Apply A Quality Fertilization Program To Your Commercial Landscape

Businesses strive to present their best appearance, and their landscape plans are a big part of that endeavor. The key to this is keeping the plants on your property properly fed. There are a few reasons why you should entrust that job to a company that has a quality fertilization program.

Apply A Quality Fertilization Program To Your Commercial Landscape

Ensure Your Lawn Looks Good

Plants, like people, require a good diet to look their best. Your plants need the three macronutrients, nitrogen, potassium and phosphorous. Otherwise, the leaves will yellow, curl and develop brown spots. A helping of iron and a few other micronutrients are also necessary to keep them a lush green. On the other hand, overfeeding them can cause the leaves to yellow and the tips to brown. None of this looks professional or attractive around your business. Experts can make sure that the plants in your landscape get the right amounts of nutrients to make it look beautiful.

Provide For Your Landscape With A Minimum Of Waste

Experts can offer deep root feeding, which is a method that will direct fertilizer, air, and water straight to where the roots are, maximizing their effectiveness and encouraging the roots to grow down instead of towards driveways. They also have soil, pH and foliage tests available to them that will pinpoint exactly what your plants and lawn need.

Prevents Annoying And Unsightly Insect Infestations

Malnourished and overnourished trees and lawns attract insects, which annoy your employees and customers. You can get rid of the bugs, but it is better to simply avoid them by keeping the plants healthy and capable of discouraging predatory insects. A good landscaping company will include insect control with their fertilization program.

A Wide Expertise With Various Fertilizers

Fertilizing a landscape comes with many steps, and a company that has its own program for your property will perform each one thoroughly. Consider: A landscaping company will have access to high-quality fertilizers in both liquid and dry form, train the employees specifically on how to use each type of fertilizer safely and with maximum efficiency and care for the equipment used to broadcast it so that the equipment is always in peak condition. Let the other company handle these steps and you can focus on your area of expertise.

If you think your commercial landscape would benefit from Metro Lawn Care’s fertilization program, contact us.