Water Management Is Intergral To Landscape Maintenance

Water Management is a necessity in North Texas, as water regulations and requirements for both business and residential customers continue to change. Unpredictable water availability experienced by water consumers, as a result of drought and flooding results in equally unpredictable oversight techniques for water conservation and utilization.

Water Management Is Intergral To Landscape Maintenance

Businesses in particular are susceptible to fluctuations in prices and fees associated with water usage on their properties. Fortunately, Dallas Water Utilities provides several free tools to mitigate business losses due to costs associated with water, particularly as a result of landscape efficiency, including:

  • Water Efficiency Rebates
  • Water Use Assessments
  • Irrigation System Check-ups

However, dependence on water utilities for adequate business water budgeting and usage efficacy must be supplemented with an internal water management protocol for best results. Some issues to be addressed include:

  • Staff education for water conservation and emergency shut-off procedures
  • Water bill monitoring
  • Regular checks of potential water waste issues, such as leaks and valves in need of repair
  • Targeted water conservation goal setting

Metro Lawn Care works hand-in-hand with water utilities to provide a variety of services to commercial, industrial and institutional customers. Decades of customer service in the Dallas area makes us uniquely qualified to professionally care for landscaping throughout the city, with a complete battery of services, including:

  • Landscape construction, design and maintenance
  • Drainage Mitigation
  • Irrigation installation and maintenance
  • Chemical solutions for fertilization, weed and insect control and soil remediation

Contact our professional team to access the most modern and advanced solutions to your water management needs. Our experts stand ready to provide a grounds maintenance quote to meet every requirement, specific to your business water utilization and landscaping concerns.

Save Time and Money with Irrigation Repairs

Winter is officially over and summer is rapidly approaching, and living in  Dallas, we all know what that means: HEAT! With the sweltering summer heat come increased watering costs to keep your yard looking great.  Irrigation systems are a great way to ensure that your landscaping is watered as efficiently as possible, while also saving time and effort. However, irrigation systems do require periodic maintenance to continue performing most efficiently.

Save Time and Money with Irrigation Repairs

If you have a broken irrigation system, or a system that is just not running at peak efficiency, Metro Lawn Care can help. Metro Lawn Care has 34 years of experience in the irrigation industry, offering both new irrigation system installations and irrigation repairs, with all work performed by licensed irrigators and technicians. An irrigation system running at peak efficiency enables you to minimize your water usage while maximizing the benefit to your landscaping, while at the same time automating the process of watering your landscaping so you can spend your time on something other than trying to keep your yard alive and looking its best in the Texas heat.

If you don’t already have an irrigation system, Metro Lawn Care offers expert guidance and professional, licensed installation services on new irrigation systems.

In addition to new irrigation system installations and repairs of existing systems, Metro Lawn Care offers a Landscape Management program that includes monthly checks of your irrigation system and necessary repairs to ensure your system is always running at peak efficiency.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of having a new irrigation system installed, having an existing irrigation system repaired, or to find out more about our Landscape Management program and how it could benefit you.

The Importance of Tree Pruning in Commercial Landscapes

The Importance of Tree Pruning in Commercial LandscapesTree pruning is just one necessary component of landscape maintenance. Appropriate tree pruning keeps trees healthy, maintains desired appearances, and can also prevent future problems from arising.

Tree Health

There are a few reasons why branches begin to die, including disease, animals, storms and insect infestation. Removing dead and dying branches helps promote positive tree growth and development. Rubbing branches and branch stumps are also health issues that need attention.

Appearance and Usefulness

For a tree to play a role in a commercial landscape, a certain appearance must be maintained. When trees are properly pruned, it is hard to notice they have been pruned in the first place! Pruning controls tree size and height, and keeps hedges like shrubby evergreens at a proper density. Vines, suckers and waterspouts not only devalue your tree’s appearance, they also steal essential nutrients from it. Regular pruning keeps these nuisances under control.

Preventative Maintenance

Pruning not only keeps the trees healthy, but is also necessary in keeping your property safe and free from dangerous obstructions. Dead branches need to be addressed to avoid creating safety hazards, especially when limbs hang over sidewalks and driveways. Trees may also need pruning before they begin to interfere with power lines and other utilities like street lamps and traffic control devices.

The best time to prune trees depends on the tree’s age, the season of the year, and any previous history of pruning. Metro Lawn Care can help evaluate your trees and provide you with the perfect combination of expertise and skill needed to keep your commercial landscape safe, healthy and attractive. Contact us today for more information on our commercial landscaping solutions.

Why mulch your landscape beds?

With the drought that the Dallas area has seen this year we recommend to our clients they mulch their landscape beds.  Mulch is a material that is used to protect the soil and to inhibit weed growth by covering the ground.  They can benefit the landscape beds by preventing erosion, suppressing weeds, retaining soil moisture, moderating soil temperature, and adding nutrients as the mulch breaks down slowly.  When mulch is applied it should be at a 3 to 4 inch layer in the landscape beds and mulch rings around trees.

Metro Lawn Care, Inc. 2011 Award

2011.State.Fair.Ribbon.AwardsMetro Lawn Care, Inc. has some exciting news that we would proudly like to share with you!

Most of you know us for our commercial landscape maintenance, but we are frequently involved in other landscape related projects including design/build enhancements.  Metro Lawn Care, along with 50 + other landscape contractors in the Dallas area, competes annually by designing and constructing an assigned garden at the State Fair of Texas.  The judges this year consisted of two certified landscape architects and a Dallas area homeowner.  This year there were over 100 landscape design/build entry’s at the 2011 State Fair of Texas.

We are proud to announce that Metro Lawn Care, Inc. was awarded First Place in the small garden category and also we were awarded overall Best of Show for Best Landscape Design  for the 2011 State Fair!

If you plan on attending the State Fair of Texas this year, we would love for you to visit our landscaped garden entry.  It is located on the outside border of the fountain plaza circle by the Old Mill Inn and the Magnolia Bldg.   There are signs in each garden to identify the company. We hope you enjoy our landscape efforts and would enjoy helping you with any of your landscape needs in the future.